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Nintendo’s secret game revealed

Posted on October 26, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Update: Check out the first footage here

Nintendo has finally unveiled which secret title they have been working on. Believe it or not, it’s a new Excitebike: World Rally. For WiiWare. It’s receiving an update for the Wii and it’s coming out on November 9. Even better, you’ll be able to compete online with others. You can check out the official announcement on the Nintendo Channel.

Other noteworthy details:

– Track editor returns
– Can play with Wiimote motion sensor
– Also can play classic way

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  • real deal

    I thought the secret game had Mario’s voice (Charles Martinet) in it?

    • Nah. People were just making assumptions and trying to connect the announcement with Mario.

  • Kyle

    exactly where is the announcement on the Nintendo channel I don’t see it anywhere, is it a video?

  • DarkWish

    The Charles Martinet thing is completely different. He’s just recording a new Mario game, that’s all we know about it.

  • Kyle

    Valay did you see the announcement yourself or did someone tip you because I think it might be fake, I cont find it anywhere on the Nintendo Channel.

  • It’s in the Nintendo Week 10/26 episode.

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  • opiumx

    It may not be a huge title but it sounds like it will be loads of fun at least, and thats all that counts these days. I doubt nintendo would mess up the franchise.

    You know if this will be 3d or 2d? Im guessing 2d.

  • Majora


  • Kyle

    Ok i saw it now, but YES! online Multiplayer!!

  • Caio

    That’s a little underwhelming, really. Didn’t see it coming.

  • Gavin

    Is this the game that IGN were referring to then?

  • brandon

    Oh wow, actually not that stupid

  • Hejiru

    Oh… that’s the big surprise? Don’t get me wrong, it looks great; but with all the hype I thought it was gonna be something HUGE, like… Mother 4 or a Zelda RPG or something.

  • @ Gavin – I’d say yes.

  • Supagcn

    Excite series for the win. Whoo hoo i can’t wait.

  • Austin

    Any word on the dev?

  • you’ve got to be kidding me, and here I thought it mine be a sick game:/

  • MWH

    i’m pissing in my pants of laughing, what a shitty surprise. where’s Zelda?

  • Dude McGuy

    Nintendo doing a remake. Its a secret to everybody.

  • Captain N

    HAHAHAHAHAHA It would probably be Excite Bike 🙂

  • Captain N

    Thats what I said last week 🙂

  • IronROB

    So it was one of the other Nintendo series that I forget at the time. The guy from the IGN boards was right, nothing that will blow a lot of people away.

    Well, I never had any interest in the Excitebike series anyway, but kudos to all fans of the series.

  • Man

    That’s not a very “crazy” surprise…where is Kid Icarus, Star Fox, F-Zero, etc…

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