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No More Heroes 2 will arrive in two flavors in Europe

Posted on October 10, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

“We won’t be able to make the same game for all territories. For Europe, we’re going to release two versions. One extreme version, and one with less violence…With No More Heroes 2 we want to please the fans too. I want the European users to be able to experience the extreme version. When I first had the concept [first game], I had both the bloody version and the milder version in mind. So when I worked on the US version, it wasn’t a problem for me to make, but when I made the Japanese version, I needed to rethink it a little bit. But I did both at the same time.” – Suda51

This is pretty good news, if you ask me. The first No More Heroes title was bloodless in Europe, so at least there’s an option here to choose which game you’d prefer to purchase. I wouldn’t be surprised however, if the game has to go through a lot of trouble in order to get passed passed in territories such as Germany.


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  • LTD

    Man, that is so damn good news ! 😀 The bloodlessness in the first title held me back from buying the game for quite some months.
    I don’t really think the “hardcore” version will be allowed in my good ol’ Germany. That still very much sucks but that’s not such a big deal to me anymore, since in most cases you can get the “bloody” games in our neighbour countries like Switzerland, Austria oder Netherlands. 🙂