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Non-American credit and debit cards can now be used on the US eShop

Posted on February 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News, Wii U eShop

In the past, the US eShop hasn’t allowed for the use of non-American credit and debit cards. It looks like that just changed recently, however. These payment options are now fully compatible.

We should note that only the 3DS has been tested so far. There really wouldn’t be much of a reason for the restriction to still be in place on Wii U though. If we hear anything otherwise, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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  • キロ

    A great boost to many of my friends around the world who have NTSC-U systems but lack US cards. : )

  • Jorge Armando Gomez

    i was using the Canadian Eshop all these years because of this! but i’ll stay like that anyways. Games are cheaper to me because of the exchange rate of the canadian dollar over my currency

    • Vinicius


    • Adrian Brown

      where are you from? here in Costa Rica the Canadian eshop seems to work for most people, I’ll try making a purchase with my card in a US account and see if it works,

      • Jorge Armando Gomez

        Dominican Republic.
        the exchange rate for my currency is 1DOP = 0.03 Cad vs 0.02USD so in the long run is cheaper using the Canadian eshop at least here in my country, don’t know about Costa Rica

        • Adrian Brown

          I think it’s a little bit cheaper using the Canadian eshop, but not for much. It’s great to have more options.

          • Jorge Armando Gomez

            That’s why I’m buying digital games lately, physical games are really expensive here

          • Adrian Brown

            Here they are reaaaaaaaly expensive. My WiIU cost me around $650 at launch with no games (which cost around $80). Switch will be $550 at best.

          • Aline Piroutek

            In Brazil was $650 too

      • Jorge Armando Gomez

        Just checked a currency converter and is the same for you. The Canadian eshop is cheaper

        • Adrian Brown

          yes, the thing is that I already have a US account on my 3DS, and since you cannot change the country anymore I’m stuck with it haha. Thanks for the tip.

    • Panamanian here, same thing. Canada worked for me since I got my WiiU and 3ds (and it’s cheaper), can’t change it anyways unless they allow you to change it once the switch hits since it is supposed to be “region free”.

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  • Federico Bechini

    So with this if a buy the Nintendo switch, and create an account US and use my credit card for games it will work?
    (I am from Argentina)

    • KnightWonder

      I’m not sure. But I know in the U.S you can use American credit/debit cards on the Japanese E-shop.

    • Sebastián Cornejo Aguilera

      Im from Chile, and I added 60USD this weekend to my USA account (WiiU) using my chilean Visa credit card

  • Kentaro Darkdox

    How works with the postal code for another country?

    • Louis

      i am on the same step….. so warding.

    • Sebastián Cornejo Aguilera

      Use the PC you entered when creating your account. I use 30303(Atlanta, Geogia) to add funds in my USA account (WiiU), using my chilean visa credit card

  • nemo37

    I hope in the future they also add PayPal support.

  • Sebastián Cornejo Aguilera

    I have been using my chilean Visa card on the WiiU Eshop for a while, at least since Zelda Skyward Sword came out in the VC

  • I guess this is a step forward for region freedom

  • ジョシュ

    how can I use my debit card? it says visa or mastercard but my debit card is neither of those…