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North American Senran Kagura Burst release targeted for November, will be less than 2GB

Posted on October 17, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

XSEED previously announced a Fall 2013 launch window for Senran Kagura Burst in North America. The company is still pinning down a final date, but it sounds like the game will be out sometime next month.

On Facebook, XSEED says Burst is planned to hit the eShop in “November-ish”. The title is also confirmed to be less than 2GB.

“November-ish on the release, very big on the size of the game (but less than 2GB).”


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  • For any curious folks out there, I googled this and the game seems to be about boobs

    • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

      lol, its true XD

  • ecoutercavalier

    Looking forward to a little bit of life and hometown.

  • SecretX

    what do you do in the game? i also had to google all i get is images lol

    • It sports an exciting yet familiar blend of touch and motion controls

  • rikukey2

    im getting it just for the gameplay :3