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Off-screen Harvest Moon: Light of Hope footage

Posted on July 31, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch eShop, Videos

We got our first glimpse of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope back at E3 in June. We now have a (slightly) better look at the game with another video below.

Worth noting, Natsume says that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope’s E3 appearance was based on a “very early build”.

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  • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD


    • Igor Ferrari

      same feeling here

  • Reggie

    Better be an early build, everything about this just reeks of disappointment.

    Not sure if the 3D models and 2D backgrounds work together either. There’s hardly any weight to the character’s walk animation. It looks like he’s gliding through air.

    • Yeah that still looks. . . oddly cheap. I wish they’d just invest in the budget and resources for a solid game.

    • QuestionKing3445

      It saids its a very early build, or that what Natsume’s says. Anyway it looks like the 3d models were ripped straight from the 3DS game! Only time will tell if this will look any bit like an actual harvest moon gameT_T. Or any quality of Story of Seasons

      • I thought that was in reference to the E3 footage? Did they release this and also say it’s early build?

        At this rate, it feels like it’ll be a long time before this reaches SoS quality. =n=

        • QuestionKing3445

          Well first off it will never reach story of seasons quality, well it will never try to be SoS. Since it is a game made by Natsume and not Marvelous. Also this footage basically looks identical to the footage that was released a month ago. So I would say its the same build. Its just a lot clearer. I hope they can improve it becuase any game has better graphics then this even the dreaded Mighty #9. And the character models are so low poly. With very little texture. T_T Only time will tell…

  • See. This is why it bugs me when people make blanket statements about mobile games being cheap, cash grabs; because I’ve seen mobile games put in way more effort than this and still be probably cheaper than what this will be on retail. I’m amazed they can get away with this.

    • Flying Carpet

      You could have waited for Story of Seasons instead of complaining:p

      • My issue isn’t whether or not this is SoS though. It’s that people will let quality like this slide because it’s a console game, or because the publisher built up a history; whereas other games get slammed with critique just because of their platform.

        I really don’t know if Natsume are being lazy, or if they lack the budget and resources to do better, but that this still looks like early build material isn’t good. Or that they persist at using the brand name that doesn’t match up to the series’s previous quality.

  • Mark

    Thank goodness for Stardew Valley on Switch.

  • TalesOfBS


  • Melatelo

    This looks awful

    • I just watched the video again to show my husband, and I’m actually kind of appalled that they expect people to pay for this.

      • Melatelo

        Totally agree- and sadly I feel like people will. Simply because it has the Harvest Moon name attached to it.

        • Fore

          I’d consider this, simply because the Switch doesn’t have anything like it yet, and I’m usually thoroughly bored. That said, Story of Seasons people, please bring that game to the Switch…. That or Stardew Valley. I’d probably buy it again for that reason 😛

        • Exactly. It still irks me that they attached the name. I know a lot of people were confused even before MMV switched to Xseed, so it feels manipulative that they kept the name because that’s a lot of peoples’ confusion they’re profiting off of.

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    Looks like a mobile game. It’s just sad

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