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Play HTML5 games through the Wii U web browser

Posted on February 8, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Earlier this month, website PlayBoxie opened a website so that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners could play HTML5 games through the consoles’ web browsers. The same functionality was extended to Wii U within the last week.

You can check out the site here. If you visit the page on Wii U, it automatically detects your console and provides a selection of titles compatible only with the Wii U controller.

Thanks to JurassicJunkie for the tip.


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  • Megina

    Not seemingly impressed. What I’m seeing feels like the type of stuff 9 out of 10 iOS/Android owners may have on their tablets.

    • Yeah but not everyone has a tablet or a smartphone so this is nice.

      • SecretX



    • I beat Cut The Rope. That’s the most functional one I played. A few of them have content where the wii u toolbar is, and some are really slow.

      • oh-so-windy

        I believe you can toggle the tool bar on and off if you push the control stick like a button.

  • James Fox

    some games like Pac-Man somehow don’t co-operate with the Wii U game pad

    • It works fine for me. Pac-man never turned on a dime

      • James Fox

        The D-pad only controlled the webpage not Pac-Man which rendered the game unplayable

        • Try clicking (or poking, whatever) inside the game then using the D-Pad

  • Adrian Brown

    try Universe Within, it even has motion controls

  • Nice. Sometimes I want simple experiences like this to pass a little time.

  • PattonFiend

    Ehhh… Had a whole year to give it to us but decides instead to wait until after it had been given to the other consoles first…

    I hate playing second fiddle to ANYONE…