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Project Sonic 2017 has a name: Sonic Forces

Posted on March 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News

SEGA aired a trailer for Project Sonic 2017 at its panel for the series at SXSW today. It was the same video from last summer, but with something new at the end: an actual name.

Project Sonic 2017 is now known as Sonic Forces. The game will launch this holiday. SEGA said that the game will have heroes as well as forces of evil fighting it out for control.

There’s also a logo:

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  • ibo

    i wish Sega would just stop with the newer Sonic design and just return to the classic Sonic look….

    • BananaJama

      You must live under a rock, Sega’s been milking Classic Sonic for a while now.

      • ibo

        you must live in a tree

        • glauca

          Classic Sonic is in the game…

          • ibo

            and that’s all we need cut the other two sonics out…

          • Carnel

            just get Sonic Mania dummy

          • ibo


    • God Chose me

      last Great sonic was the ones on the dreamcast imo, I’m really rooting for sonic to make a needed comeback

  • Finally, we have the name for Project Sonic 2017! And this was really close to those who theorized that the name would be Sonic Resistance, which has the same feel for it.

    • Tlink7

      I miss the days when ”theory” wasn’t synonymous with ”wild guess”… damn Game Theory :3

      • Paulinemspears

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  • ChaosNocturne

    let me point out the trailer does not say its coming to the switch but the NX instead also dont forget to vote for zelda

    • Hidden Flare

      Oh then I guess we will have to wait till Nintendo releases the NX.

      Also can I get an explanation to remove the poll?

  • Addy

    I’m not really digging the name they gave, sounds more like a super hero team cartoon.

  • Tlink7

    It better be a good game, or it will be known as Sonic Farces πŸ˜›

    • Addy

      Oh here we go, that 10+ year old stigma.

      • Tlink7

        If a certain pizza flavour tastes like sh*t ten times in a row, I will be extremly sceptical when presented with it once again. Sonic deserves the stigma after all the mediocre to horrible games that have been added to the franchise. The character is basically a meme now, but I hope Sega manages to *finally* make a good game

        • Addy

          So Colors or Generations were not to your liking? The bit about Sonic being a meme is mostly due to the official twitter account run by Aaron Webber making nothing but memes catering to meme loving kids. From what I heard, the amount people follow the twitter account are higher then the amount of people that actually play the games. Also any topping can go on a pizza and not taste terrible, the ninja turtles proved that.

          • Tlink7

            Generations was alright, I will give you that. I wish Sonic Boom hadn’t happened though, it shot my opinion of Sonic to pieces once again and I don’t think I’m the only one. It is much easier to remember the bad games because they stand out more.

          • Addy

            And people seemed to forget there were other Sonic games before 2006 that were not good. Sonic Labyrinth, that was bad, nobody talks about it. Sonic 3D Blast, that was bad, nobody talks about it either. Sonic R, that was bad, nobody talks about it, not even the music’s lyrics. Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for GBA, that was bad, nobody talks about it due to being released close to Sonic 2006 and that game took up all of the negativity. Sonic Free Riders, that was bad, nobody talks about it and being made for the Kinect, which was something to be made a rule not to talk about just like a certain club about fighting.

          • Mystic Panda

            Sonic R, and Sonic Lost Worlds wasnt that mediocre. Sonic 3d blast wasnt that good but it was an attempt to do 3d.

          • Addy

            R had bad controls, the music was more of a guilty pleasure to me. Lost Worlds wasn’t bad (never said it was), just not as good as Colors or Generations in my opinion.

          • Tlink7

            Well in 2006 I was 10/11 and I didn’t even know what a Sonic was, so I haven’t heard about those titles xD a friend of mine liked some of the Sonic Advance titles though

          • MagcargoMan

            “Sonic R, that was bad, nobody talks about it, not even the music’s lyrics.”
            Actually a lot of people have. “Can you feel the sunshine?” is a pretty infamous song.

          • Addy

            But not the game play. Unless someone brings up the soundtrack, no one cares. Also I’m more into “Living in the City” then that.

            And have you heard of this?

          • MagcargoMan

            The fact that people only talk about the game for its soundtracks speaks volumes about the gameplay.

            Also no, I’ve never heard that version before. Sounds creepy.

      • ibo

        oh addy glad to see your back, have not seen you in awhile

        • Addy

          Who are you? Wait… SoySauce?

          • ibo

            ya it’s me SoySauce sup Addy. you got Switch?

          • Addy

            Yes but no games yet.

          • ibo

            let me know i send you my Switch friend code if you want

          • Addy

            I might not be using online as much with it as my internet is not good enough for online gaming, and that time I played Smash 4 proved it.

    • Exy

      Y’all stole my gag.

      • Bradley

        Exy I’ve been looking for you for days now, in the video where the Legend of Zelda developers spoke about how they made the game Aonuma said that he liked how it was possible for a college kid trying to learn english to change the subtitles to english and play the game, the first thought that came to mind was that apparently you saw his vision before the game even came out and planned to apply it though in your case it’s to practise your Japanese, I was gonna comment on how you had a similar thought process in that regard ……. hopefully you still remember the discussion else this will just be confusing to you XD

  • Reggie

    Honestly forgot about this.

  • Matthew Clebowicz

    Sonic Forces sounds like a sequel to Generations.

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