Punch-Out!! has a 22-year-old secret

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August 7, 2009 by (@NE_Brian)

Did you know that the original Punch-Out!! has a 22-year-old secret? Well, apparently it does, and Nintendo is finally ready to share it with gamers. Makato Wada, who was part of the development team that ported the arcade versions of Punch-Out!! to the NES and SNES, took part in the latest Iwata Asks interview and spoke about the secret.

This is a great opportunity, so I have something I’d like to say. In Punch-Out!!, the game gives you a lot of hints about effective timing of punches. There is a big boxer called Bald Bull in the NES version as well and a light flashes to the right in the audience when he charges. If you punch when it flashes you will land a body blow.

What? Really?

No one has known about that for about 22 years…


I was wondering when I would have a chance to tell people that.

You’ve been holding that information for 22 years since the release. (laughs)

Now that I had the chance. (laughs) There are a lot of hidden elements in the NES version.

  • Sr.Gabo

    Maybe there are secrets in the Wii version.

  • Dan

    Wow… let me just get some of this NES off of my dust real quick and try this out..

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  • gigakain

    This is not a secret. My Best friend Cody and I knew this back in the day when we used to play Mike Tysons Punch Out in his room. Its so obvious when the light flashes to hit him. Get out the game and look if you are able.

  • bob

    oooooooosht, had no idea about this! gonna have to try it on my NES like dan :)

  • Pothead Johnny

    Cool I see it. One of the audience members clicks his camera just as Bald Bull charges


    I used to know just the timing (we’d count to two or whatever)

    Also if you check it out it is no wonder that it remained a secret. It’s so subtile and it isn’t abnormal for the crowd to use their cameras.

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  • bignig

    yeah, this isn’t much of a secret as I thought everyone already knew this anyway.

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  • http://www.routermall.com Used Cisco

    Yeah, we knew this back in the day. NOthing new here.

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  • http://grammarpolice.com Grammar Police


  • John Davis

    Wow, that is amazing. Well done dude!


  • h0dg3s

    This isn’t a secret, I knew about this as a kid and all of my friends did too. Quit making stuff up.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhbuQbbe-Jc Yauch

    I always thought the “Another World Circuit” Code was pretty wild. I wonder if there are more things like that…

  • h0dg3s

    Also, if you hit punch right after the light flashes you hit nothing but air. It’s a second after the light flashes. This is really stupid.

  • Lil Mac

    I thought everyone knew that “secret”. Next they are going to tell us there is a camera flash to tell you to dodge before Mike Tyson’s uppercut.

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  • http://kwiva.net Crone

    I always thought the “Another World Circuit” Code was pretty wild. I wonder if there are more things like that

  • Sethusoid

    This was no secret, known by many a loooooong time ago. This is like saying the Konami code was just discovered yesterday lol.