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Reconfirmed: eShop purchases on Switch are tied to Nintendo Accounts

Posted on February 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

With the Switch unboxing video that emerged earlier today, we have an important reconfirmation about how the system handles eShop purchases.

Much like with Wii U and 3DS, you can link a Nintendo Account to Nintendo’s new system. On Switch, doing so will allow for all eShop purchases to be tied to that account rather than the system. If you remove that link but re-link it at another point, it’s possible to redownload software or DLC that you purchased. Nintendo does say that discontinued software may be unavailable for redownload “in some cases.”

Reggie had previously indicated that eShop purchases could be tied to a Nintendo Account on Switch. Thankfully, now we have another confirmation straight from the system.

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  • yeah i was worried they might be tied to my PSN account for a while there

    • Man, I’m relieved it isn’t pulling my MySpace profile

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  • Airsh Bornely

    Hopefully this means we can downloaded any VC game on the Switch for free. (small fee at the very least)

    • burchdude65

      You mean games we’ve already downloaded on Wii U/3DS, right?

      • amak11

        Considering VC on Switch will have online capabilities. I’ll gladly pay to upgrade again for that

      • getting the games you havent bought for free sounds like a better deal

    • Tlink7

      I hope so too… but probably not <.<

  • Wanderlei


    • you late bud it been that way since My Nintendo the only problem with Wii U is the accounts are tied to the system.

      • Tlink7

        …then it wasn’t really account-bound was it? xD Bound to an account, which is bound to a system… so still tied to a console in the end.

  • I hope all this leaking is communicating to Nintendo that they really should have done a Direct (or something) earlier for UI, eShop, VC, etc.

    I’m usually a proponent of Nintendo’s tight-lip style, but launching a console in 2017 without showing how the digital library works is, is… ______ !

    • DeltaPeng

      Somewhat agree, but as an early adopter, I don’t mind just getting the launch system and being surprised. Hopefully, in a positive way.

      • I’m kind of the same, but with Nintendo the retro catalogue is a huge deal, a potential system selling point.

        Also, we didn’t know the details on how the system outputs sound until a rando French interview a few days ago. So now, 2 weeks before launch, I can order what I need for my audio setup. Barely in time.

        There’s more too, but I don’t want to sound complainy.

        • r4ind4nce

          I must’ve missed the sound bit. Can you fill me in on the details?

          • Desiderio Lazaro

            It’s possible to connect wireless headphones via blutooth

          • Bluetooth headphones work when the Switch is docked and undocked.

            The headphone jack on the Switch outputs audio when docked and undocked.

        • DeltaPeng

          Fair points, particularly for buying compatible equipment. Per eshop, I’m definitely hoping for a lot from Nintendo and Virtual Console services, as I hope Switch can become the retro and future single console to RULE THEM ALL. Er, I mean, to play them all, particularly my Nintendo classics, and other great titles on.

          The dream I think a lot of us have with the Switch is to have everything in one spot, with capability for playing via big screen and portable gaming (and being able to cross the two where that hadn’t been possible before). So, while I am a bit worried for details, I almost can’t see this not happening as it’s pretty much what Switch is designed for, and it’d be a potential gold mine for Nintendo.

  • JasonBall

    As someone who owns only one 3DS, one Wii U, and only plans on ever owning one switch, this means nothing. I download a game and there it is, just like on 3DS. I don’t understand the fuss about accounts and tying and system transfers.

    • ScottyT14

      People lose their systems believe it or not. It could be willingly, or unwillingly.

      • JasonBall

        Hm. Take better care not to lose it is all I can say. If someone steals your plastic case with physical Switch games in it, you don’t call Nintendo demanding replacements and slamming them for having bad system features. Why should you do so if someone steals your digital games?

        • *Man gets stabbed*

          “Try not to get stabbed next time guy”

          • TheChosen

            Hackers can also steal your ACCOUNT- data. 70000 STEAM-acounts gets STOLEN per month! You don’t want to hear how many PSN & Xbox Live-Accounts gets stolen/attacked per month, dude xD
            Btw: Hackers can now also steal complete bank accounts.

        • ScottyT14

          I will never understand people who are against companies implementing consumer friendly features.

          • JasonBall

            Well, as long as it doesn’t affect the price, or stability, or services, I’m not against it per se. Save data transfers are perfectly acceptable.

          • TheChosen

            And i will never understand people thinking their data would be safe in internet! Lmao, you will be the next victim on PSN/Steam/NN/XboxLive!
            NOTHING IS SAFE dude. creditcards gets stolen, accounts gets stolen, even “World of Warcraft”-Gold gets stolen.
            You think this is magic? xD
            Today a new sort of computer-virus existswhere you can do NOTHING to protect yourself! Its a virus without any data. You don’t know its there, its simply copied into ram, and when not needed anymore, deleted. No traces. Boom! hahahaha!

        • Usama Notkani

          Sorry but I am against your opinion on this one. Its consumer friendly and physical games can be played on all systems but if digital is tied to one then no dice. What if you accidently drop and break your switch? Or if you go to your friends use ho has a switch so you don’t want to take yours with you. What if you wanna trade your previous switch for a better limited addition one?

          • JasonBall

            Well, sure, game and savedata transfers would be nice in that case. I don’t have a problem with that.

    • KnickKnackMyWack

      The issue primarily lies with systems that get lost or break and unfortunately while normally a person can just call Nintendo and have their account and licenses transferred, this method only works in territories where Nintendo has customer services. So anywhere outside of NA, EU, AU and JPN are effectively screwed if something happened to their Wii U or 3DS.

      • JasonBall

        Oh I actually didn’t know that. Thanks.

      • Riku0493

        Even in the EU or AU and something like this happens you’re effectively screwed.

        • TheChosen

          The same thing happened lately to some guy, losing his PSN-account to an hacker.
          Guess what Sony said? ‘I’m sorry we cannot help you, since you have no proof you actually bought all these games!” hahahahahaha!
          He lost about ~1000 dollars for his games and THIS isn’t the only case xD

        • KnickKnackMyWack

          You can’t just call Nintendo EU/AU to transfer accounts between systems?

          • Riku0493

            They’re muuuch more reluctant to help in these cases then NoA is.

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Hoo boy. Thank goodness for the new system then.

    • TruExtent

      My friend accidentally broke his 3DS. He decided he was going all digital on his new games. Even though he made a save data backup of every game on the system, when he called Nintendo to help with the transfer they told him the saves were locked to the original 3DS. If there were a proper account system with something like cloud saving, this could have been avoided. Instead, hundreds (if not thousands, don’t know his gaming habits) of hours are now gone.

      There may be a way of restoring the saves through homebrew or hacking/modding but: 1. It’s a step that should not have been necessary for the user to take, seeing that other services from Valve, Microsoft and Sony allow for this functionality; 2. Going through with this voids any warranty and future support from Nintendo.

      So if there was a proper account system that allowed for easy sign in to multiple systems and used a proper cloud save backup option, the entire mess above could have been avoided. If we are headed to an eventual all digital future, it needs to be done right. Nintendo hasn’t done it right yet.

      • JasonBall

        Oh, so save data. I see how that could be a problem, yeah. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have cloud backups.

      • TheChosen

        You cannot “acidentally” break a 3DS. It’s a tank dude. Did he crush it? Did he throw it on the floor?
        The only way what you say is true, if the SoC suddenly stops working…But you see that weeks/days/months in advance before it finally locks itself/freezes xD

        So i think he broke it on purpose. Guess what? No warranty on systems broken on purpose/systems smashed on the ground.

        • TruExtent

          My friend preferred to put his 3DS in his jacket pocket. One day he was in a rush to get to work (or whatever the situation was) and he rushed into his car and slammed the door. He didn’t realize that his jacket got caught in the door. He also discovered he crushed his 3DS in the process. I highly doubt it was on purpose as he usually takes excellent care of his electronics (minus the fact that he completely wiped Windows off his laptop in favor of Linux but that’s a different story).

          I know Nintendo builds their handhelds to survive. In my time owning several Nintendo consoles and handhelds, I have only had two devices become defective in some way. My original Wii from 2007 won’t output component 480p video anymore and the disc drive got noisier, but is otherwise trooping along. My 3DS XL started having an issue with the top screen and would shut down when tilted wrong, which was weird since I took good care of that thing. Luckily I was able to transfer everything to a 2DS and later to a new3DS XL when that became available.

          Back to the original point, the save data issue could have been avoided if there were some sort of online save backup like on other platforms. That way in case something like this happens, not all is lost.

    • SirEdge

      I see your point, but for me, even if I’m more of a Nintendo guy, I’ve bought way more downloadable titles on the PlayStation ecosystem.

      I just feel more at ease with purchasing those knowing that I could play the game on my home console and my portable with a single purchase (as long as the title supports it).

      Knowing that I have to repurchase games on the 3DS (if they were available at all) even if I already had them on the Wii/Wii U did not give me much confidence in the Nintendo ecosystem.

      This of course changes that.

      • TheChosen

        Your PSN-account can be stolen too. There is no 100% safety. Why do so many Sonyfans FAIL to accept that truth?

        I recommend you read newest news about hackers & banking 😉

        • SirEdge

          Whoa! Dude, you jumped to conclusions way too quickly! LOL.

          I’m more of a Nintendo fanboy than a Sony fanboy.

          But I see why you thought that. I’m very much aware of PSN accounts being stolen. That can happen to any company of course.

          That’s why I didn’t use the word “secure.” I meant it was easier to make impulse purchases on the Sony ecosystem.

    • Tlink7

      What if you lose your Switch? What if it gets stolen? What if a new model comes out (transferring between 3DS systems was so tedious…)?
      Now you can just install stuff on a replacement model without having to call Nintendo

      Sh*t happens even to the most careful of people, so Nintendo implementing a feature that should have been there at the launch of the Wii U is indeed quite the deal 😛

      • ME4Twaffle

        The Gamestop up here is gracious enough to allow you to hang out and do a system transfer. With the amount of stuff on my previous 3DS XL when I went to get my New 3DS XL (ugh, the naming) I wound up hanging out at the counter for 2 hours. Granted, I could’ve just transferred the rights to my digital content and re-downloaded them instead, but I really didn’t want to take any chances. If I transfer the content, then I know I have it.

        So, yeah, thank god for a real account system.

      • TheChosen

        What if a hacker decides to steal your Nintendo-Network account? Don’t tell me “It’s imposible!”…
        70000 STEAM-accounts gets stolen PER MONTH dude!
        Don’t ask how many PSN-accounts got stolen only last month xD

        • Tlink7

          I’ve logged in on plenty computers and my Steam account hasn’t been stolen since I created it back in like 2010 😛

  • Ragnell

    Can I please download my wii u vc purchases to my switch for free or small fee? Full price from purchases in the past they have online evidence of would suck.

  • Exy

    Is this good or bad?

    • the bad part is – say you go to a best friend or family member house. They have the system as well. You use your account and leave it there. Unless you have a password every sign in.

      Someone could steal your account make purchase or whatever.

      This why Nintendo Network in the past several years never been hacked during holiday/ But PSN always and XBL sometime.

      Because accounts are open on anything system.

      • Tlink7

        Don’t sign in on other people’s Switches then? 😛

        • ME4Twaffle

          I’m still going to wind up doing it every once in a while, but I always delete my account from whatever system I add it to that isn’t my own. No exceptions.

          • Tlink7

            I probably won’t – I can just take my own Switch with me 😀 I also wonder how many of the people I know will also buy a Switch

        • TheChosen

          Doesn’t protect you from hacker’s attacks lmao! xD

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        You realize even current Nintendo account systems ask if you wish to save your bank information or not. Equally, you set it to that even if it stores your info you need to input your password. Your concerns are foolish and unfounded.

      • TheChosen

        THIS! And just wait until first Nintendofans will not be able to use their games because “Sorry, but Nintendo Network was hacked & is currently not working” xD

    • Tlink7

      It is a major improvement in consumer friendliness- of course it is good 😀

      • TheChosen

        It’s NEVER good to put too much information in internet. ANYTHING can get stolen. Even complete identities can get stolen! xD

        • Tlink7

          Just log onto just one Switch and you’ll be fine 😛

  • Sweet

  • Uh it been that way since Nintendo Network was updated and My Nintendo

  • Really??????

  • Vigilante_blade

    Please let this mean Cross-Gen.

  • r4ind4nce

    Finally! Though I’ll stay cautious until all the details are confirmed after launch and we know more about the treatment of past purchases on other systems that happen to make the Switch.

    • Tlink7

      Nintendo being Nintendo they’ll probably go: ”well this is a new system, therefore we have to work hard to put out the same old one or two VC titles every week… so you have to pay again” xD

      • ME4Twaffle

        In a lot of cases they aren’t just doing a straight port. They’re adding online play to a lot of the multiplayer titles. That means online Super Mario Kart, amongst other classic titles. I will gladly pay an upgrade fee regardless of if I previously owned them for that. Now things like Super Mario RPG, just give it to me please.

        • Tlink7

          If they add new features, fine, but for titles like Super Mario Bros. and Ocarina of Time… can’t really do much with those

  • Anonymous1234567

    But will it work on a different system provided you’re logged into said account? And will save backups be transferable between systems? The latter is the bigger question for me.

    When my Wii U bricked, despite having save backups on a separate storage device, there was no way to restore them on a different Wii U (they couldn’t repair it and simply had to replace it for me.) They were able to give me my purchases back, but not my save backups.

    Really hoping they implement some sort of cloud save system that works across multiple systems provided we link our account on them, or just let us restore our saves from a USB storage device on any Switch.

  • Tlink7

    Praise Jeebus! Nintendo finally doing something modern!

  • Roto Prime

    another reason not the buy anything digital anymore, this is scary ;___;

    • ME4Twaffle

      It’s scary that all of your purchases are now tied to an account instead of a system, thus making them easier to recover? Spooky.

      • Roto Prime

        Yes, when someone hacks your account and takes all your games vs you being responsible for your own system. Can’t wait to for the horror story of people getting there accounts hi jacked.

        • If you have an strong password is very difficult to hack. This is an improvement to eshop. I really don’t see your point. Have you ever got hacked in wow/steam? Is the same.

          • Roto Prime

            nope, Only play on Nintendo, but I see online how people get PSN and XBL hacked, on PSN people get banned for having the account hacked, I love the way 3DS and Wii U do the account system. I wont risk it. Not even two step verification is safe, dudes on youtube get hacked all the time. When it is hard linked to your personal system its safe, no one can hack and take your account, no matter how hard they try.

          • Riku0493

            Yeah, about that…

            I know a guy whose NNID got hijacked and I lost all my games.

            Someone called up Nintendo and said it was stolen.

            It is stupidly easy to steal NNIDs and games on them.

            This has ALWAYS been a problem, not even Nintendo with their console bound nonsense has been an exception, unless we’re talking about the Wii, where not even Nintendo can do anything about.

          • Roto Prime

            the story sounds a little off…I have a really hard time believing it, sorry. NNID is a safe way to make sure no one hacks and steals you account. Everything is hard linked to a system, plus you need a police report to do what you said…new account system is scary.

          • Riku0493

            Nooo you don’t.

            You just need to say you no longer possess the old system.

            And if they DO get your password, they can just go look up your transaction history and get the rest of the trivial information there.

          • Roto Prime

            Sure, I will take your word for it……

  • TheChosen

    Nice! HACKERS will now attack Nintendo-servers too losers! #Please understand!

    Make yourself ready for first NN-downtime… Just like PSN is being attacked & Xbox Libe & Steam now NN-users will become victims of themdelves too hahahahaha!

  • Pavinaursul


  • blackuk

  • okeribok

    It will also mean that you can not resell downloaded games. Somehow it seems weird to pay the same price for something that is yours forever, as you pay for a resellable cartridge.