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Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever created

Posted on May 30, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

If you were to ask someone what the first Pokemon ever created is, you’d probably receive answers such as Pikachu and Bulbasaur. In actuality, however, Rhydon – the 112th Pokemon registered in the Pokedex – was created first. That little factoid comes from Ken Sugimori, one of the original designers of the first generation of Pokemon titles.

That does make sense, as Rhydon’s data can be found first in Red/Green. Also, this explains the statues that you see when you first step into a gym in Pokemon Red/Blue. The icon doesn’t look like Rhydon completely, but it’s pretty darn close!

Thanks to Tim for the tip!


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  • bob

    hum i never knew this

  • lolwut?
  • Ok?

    that just said is was the first Pokemon trademarked, not physically created.

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  • Awesomeness

    If you actually played the first pokemon games such as blue, red, crystal, gold, yellow and so on, you would know that that statue could be any pokemon that’s like that. For example, I play crystal and that pokemon statue is like the golduck pokemon. If you have an Android or Droid, get GBC A.D and then go to 4shared.com and search for a gameboy color pokemon game such as Crystal Gold and the original Yellow. Oh and isn’t Yellow the first Pokemon game?

  • Pokemon Veteran

    Most people in this subject dont know this but no Rhydon was the first pokemon ever created to reply to lolwut’s reply Mew was the first pokemon Registered yes but not created and Awesomeness…..Yellow is based off the anime and the anime came way after the games please do research before replying.

  • Super Pokemon

    WRONG!!!!! it was clefairy in the pokemon comic which was the first pokemon thing created clefairy was the only pokemon at first

  • pokefanatic1

    How can it be first if it evolves from rhyhorn?

  • Karen Walker

    This is very old news.

  • jdjdfjjfdhfh

    I never knew this. For real.

  • alexpkmntrainer

    woooow. ive been living a lie my whole pokemon life

  • MagcargoMan

    I thought this has been known for years now…

    EDIT: This article is from 2010? Why the hell is it trending?

    • JasonBall

      Apparently someone visits Pokemon pages on this site very frequently.

      Seriously, I’ve only ever seen Pokemon related news trending years later, never anything else. Its really dumb/weird.

  • Dominick Nguyen


  • Dominick Nguyen

    I thought it was Diglett.