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Rive runs at 1080p and 60 FPS on Switch, smoother than the PS4 version

Posted on September 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

During Rive’s early days of development, Two Tribes intended to bring the game to Wii U. Nintendo even featured the game as part of its [email protected] program at E3 a few years ago, allowing system owners to download a demo. Unfortunately, the Wii U version never materialized due to technical issues.

Rive may have missed out on Wii U, but it is coming to Switch. Two Tribes is wrapping up this version of the game and has shared some technical details. Rive will officially run at a 1080p resolution (720p in portable mode) and 60 frames per second. Two Tribes’ Collin van Ginkel also says it’s smoother than the PS4 version.

It’s kind of surreal seeing the game run so smoothly on such a humble device. It was never intended as a portable game, but it’s a perfect fit for it!

We’ve spent a few months really digging into what makes the Switch hardware tick and it now runs smoother than the PlayStation 4 version, with less noticeable save points for instance.


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  • Michael C

    Nonsense post, its a small game thats not graphic intensive, and if it runs smoother then the X1/PS4 then the developers of the PS4 version should be ashamed.

    • PRIMUS

      The Switch has a more modern architecture when compared to the PS4. Once a developer knows how to work with it, it is wonders to behold in the future.

    • Reggie

      U mad?

    • Ninty Kad

      TO future people typing, Don’t bother replying back to this guy. He is just a troll trying to rustle your jimmies. He won’t even respond back, he seeks attention

    • ronin4life

      Several Switch, 3ds and WiiU indy games have gone on to sell better than all other versions. Sometimes, all other versions combined. Meanwhile, even Sony backed indies tend to have a rough time on their platforms.

      Clearly many Indy devs see value in putting the extra work into Nintendo versions of titles.

      • Matt

        But so early in Switch’s life cycle I think it is a really amazing piece of kit,and the performance is outstanding…

    • awng782

    Huh I suppose the game is a bit too intense for both PS4 and Xbox One I guess.

  • TDude73

    In your FACE, ponies!!!!!

  • i’d have bought it on wiiu no doubt

  • Wow….that’s something you don’t see everyday lol. I think this proves that the Switch may be a lot more capable than what most people give it credit for. That’s not to say that the Switch is more powerful than or on par with a dedicated home console ala the PS4 but it is saying that a lot of devs may not be taking advantage of the more modern toolset that the Switch provides

    • Reggie

      It’s the way with most new hardware releases. Devs gradually have to learn their way in and around it and discover its hidden possibilities, some quicker than others.

  • Paddy Alfan

    Magic worker!
    At this rate, by 2020, switchs tegra would be on par with todays gtx 1080ti!
    Nvidia is the place for gamer!
    Sony betting the wrong horse for their gpu!
    Suck it up, AMDonkey!

    • amak11

      I mean if sony would have kept on with Cell development they would have had a pretty powerful console. Something that would have been backwards compatible with the PS3 and probably would have played games on it better than the pig before it…. but Sony does what sony does and it never makes sense

      • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

        the cell cpu is from IBM and it is a Power architecture processor, not a big deal really. power architecture has been in decadence with no major improvements

  • bugman83

    It all comes down to optimization.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Something Mighty No9 packs a lot

      • Ardisan

        Can we not beat a dead horse please? That like making a Sonic 06 joke, its stale just saying.

  • Tlink7

    It could run better on the PS4 if the devs wanted it to, though 😛 I’m glad however that they’re putting so much effort into the Switch version

  • Matt

    Nvidia teraflops are over twice the performance of AMD’s and bench marks all over youtube prove this so if Switch is 1 teraflop in tablet mode and 1.5 in docked as that Japenese journalist pointed out and that Foxconn employee then it would explain why certain games like Lego City run Native 1080p while Xbox run in just 900p non Native and if your wondering why games like Doom run at 720p Native and 30fps it will be the target for the development time they have in other words doom on ps4 prob had years and years of development where as Switch is a 6 month port,time and resourse’s has a lot to do with goals like frame rates and resolutions FACT,so no matter what to really judge Switch you will have to wait until well into 2018 on Moonlith soft’s western action rpg ect and games that have bigger ambition also 3rd party games will be much improved in 2018 due to getting to grips with the new hardware.

    PS4 in it’s 1st year was getting bashed left right and centre from tons of devs and publishers about the weak cpu ect even Slightly mad studio’s was calling ps4’s cpu weaker then wiiu and look at Project Cars 2 gameplay on ps4 it is broke the signs of a poor cpu,all I see is Sony getting the wallet out to lie about ps4 performance as lots of ps4 games have issues.