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Rive: Ultimate Edition launches with promised 15% [email protected] discount

Posted on November 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

A couple of years ago, Nintendo held a [email protected] initiative during E3 2015. The event allowed Wii U owners to download demos of indie games featured at E3. Then when each title launched, those who downloaded the different demos would receive a 15% discount at launch.

Rive was one of the games included in [email protected] But as we know, it ended up being cancelled for Wii U. We’re now getting it on Switch instead. However, Two Tribes is still holding true to its original promise.

Rive: Ultimate Edition will initially be sold for 15% off for all Switch owners starting this Friday. The discount will be offered for the first two weeks after launch.

Source: Two Tribes PR

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  • Glenn Davis Jr.

    That’s great to hear! I forgot about that trial/ discount event from back then, but I’m happy that they’re still planning to honor it. Looking forward to finally playing this title this weekend.

  • Dunkare

    That’s nice. Still not buying though. 😛

  • link2metroid

    I have the demo on Wii U, it must be 2 years old at this stage. I haven’t bought the Switch and won’t be for a long time I’d say, very disappointed with it for loads of reasons. Sorry to see Two Tribes disband, they’re very talented and I bought all their games on Wii U. Still, very annoyed that they cancelled Rive on Wii U and I’m sorry but I don’t believe their reasons for doing so.