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Riverside planned for NX

Posted on June 6, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Indie developer Zocklabs is hard at work on a new project titled “Riverside”. We can’t say that we know much about it, but the game seems to emphasize creating textures to change the world.

Here’s an early look:

Riverside is planned for both NX and Oculus Rift.


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  • PanurgeJr

    Intriguing. My first impression is that I like the art design.

    • R.Z.

      Some of the stuff could have been done better (the trees’ foliage looks out of place), but I agree it looks interesting.
      And the customization aspect has some potential.

  • Wendigo

    So we’re up to Riverside and Dragon Quest 9 then?

    • soupfist

      Not DQ9, it’s DQ11.

      • theFooFighter

        I suddenly want a hd console port of dq9

    • Pablo Almeida

      And Zelda.

  • soupfist

    Looks like an interesting concept, but it doesn’t look like my cup of tea.

    • Rebecca Carter

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  • uPadWatcher

    If the rumor of the Nintendo NX having the option of Virtual Reality becomes true, this would be awesome and unique in seeing this indie title, Riverside, coming to Nintendo’s NeXt system.

  • theFooFighter

    Well no more “planned for nx” or “looking into opportunities” bs devs are just flat out saying they’re making nx games now. I feel like Nintendo fans should really pay attention to 3rd party e3 reveals this year it wouldn’t surprise me if a handful of games got low key nx announcements

    • KnightWonder

      You mean like Dragon Quest 11?

      *Square announces it for NX*

      Uh sorry guys, it’s not coming to NX.

      Me: Bull!

      • theFooFighter

        It’s probably coming to nx but I don’t want to get my hopes up until its officially confirmed

        • KnightWonder

          Same, but if it does, that’s awesome, and it wouldn’t really surprise me. Square and Nintendo seem to be getting pretty chummy lately.

  • Justin McQuillen

    This seems to confirm that NX will be some sort of AR/VR type device to beat Microsoft Hololens to the punch of having games that people actually want to play.

    • theFooFighter

      Nah it will probably just be an optional peripheral like PS vr. I kinda doubt Nintendo is going to go all in and base an entire system on a gimmick again after the Wii u and 3ds

      • TheWeasel

        Except the 3DS is doing great for them, so if there’s any lesson Nintendo has to learn, it’d have to be from the Wii U.

        • theFooFighter

          The 3d was expensive and was the reason for the $250 price tag early on. Remember the 3ds wasn’t doing well at all when it first launched

          • TheWeasel

            I haven’t forgotten that, I bought two on launch day. The price was pretty much the only thing that could have brought it down, but Nintendo did do something about it later on. Despite having a “gimmick”, the 3DS has what it needs to be successful and it’s shown, unlike what happened to the Wii U. That is what I meant.

            Edit: I do agree with your original comment, though. I also doubt they’ll rely much on VR/AR, if at all. If I remember correctly, someone had said a while ago that while VR was interesting, it still needed time and development before Nintendo would consider it. Perhaps it was Miyamoto.

          • theFooFighter

            My main point is I doubt Nintendo will tie a whole system around a gimmick like that again because overall the 3d really only hurt the 3ds and the Wii u doesn’t need an explanation. If the nx does have some kind a gimmick it will probably be some optional peripheral because dropping a vr head set and pretending it never existed is way easier than all the hoops they had to jump through to make the 3ds and Wii u profitable

          • TheWeasel

            I personally would not mind some new, unconventional way to play, as long as it is fun and does make for unique and enjoyable experiences, but I also respect that many will just want a conventional gaming system.

          • RoadyMike

            I like to believe that people want to play the way they’ve always done, except enhanced in some way.
            Not necessarily with vr or ar, but being able to do more with what you already have; be it with the game itself or some kind of ‘future proof’ controller concept

          • TheWeasel

            I completely agree. I just believe it’s so hard to find the right balance, you know? You can tell from what’s happening in these days, reboots, remakes, sequels. People want the old stuff, but they also don’t want more of the same. They want what they had before, but they want it fresh and not rehashed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

            I, personally, would like to see gaming evolve, and move forward. And that doesn’t necessarily have to do with hardware, I want enjoyable and memorable experiences from my games, things you’ll look back on fondly because you enjoyed them and had fun with them. I already have many of the fond gaming memories and experiences, and I’d like to keep on having them with whatever the future of gaming brings. So, needless to say, I am eagerly anticipating the NX and what it can do for me and other gamers.

  • Stuart

    Now I’m sure Nintendo will reveal the NX pretty soon,maybe not in E3 but not very far away from it. The thirds/indies are already giving those hints,it can’t be really far. Today Galaxy Trail said that Freedom Planet will be ported to a secret console,I BET it’s the NX and they doesn’t want to announce now.

  • No, Nintendo don’t do it VR as mandatory gimmicky…….just don’t do it!

  • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

    you can’t win Nintendo, if you base your system around it people will hate it, if you make it mandatory people will hate it, if you make it optional no one will support it

    • uPadWatcher

      What does Nintendo have to do with it? They are NOT publishing Riverside.

      • TheWeasel

        I think they’re referring to VR, some of the comments on this article went in that direction.

    • 49ers fan

      pretty much…

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    I WANT A NINTENDO NX SO BAD. I’ve even gotten used to the name “NX”. They should just use that as the official name. 🙂

    • Yolkghost

      By now keeping the name NX could potentially confuse people who gain interest when its announced because most search results would be the millions of speculations and rumors which could confuse some general consumers.

  • MagcargoMan

    So they didn’t show any gameplay and just described it vaguely in text?