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Shin’en talks up Wii U’s power

Posted on October 7, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Manfred Linzner from Shin’en has offered a few thoughts about the power of Wii U.

While speaking with ntower, Linzer noted that “the Wii U is the strongest console with a lot of potential for the future.” He also spoke highly of the GPU.

Linzer stated:

“Well, right now, the Wii U is the strongest console with a lot of potential for the future. You should not forget, that the Wii U GPU is from a different generation than the ones from the current competitors. Because of that, there are many new ways of approaching things. Which, on the one side, are easier to implement than special hybrid solutions that are currently used on the other consoles, and on the other hand, which brings with it a much better performance. In cooperation with the generous working storage you have unbelievable possibilities. You should not forget that you need developers who can actually max out the potential of a console. And with teams like Retro Studios and EAD, Nintendo has an unbeatable advantage.”

Shin’en’s first Wii U game is Nano Assault Neo. It should be out for the console’s launch.


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