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Someone at Google is a fan of the triforce

Posted on July 11, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News


It’s settled: There has to be at least one person working for Google who is either a fan of the triforce specifically or Zelda in general. Nikola Tesla’s birthday was yesterday and the company changed their typical logo image into a Tesla Coil to celebrate his birthday. But more important to Zelda fans is that deep in the picture is a hidden logo of the triforce. Interestingly, that’s not the first time that this is happened, as many will remember that the same thing happened on Earth day. You can also see someone wearing a Link costume at the Google headquarters.


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  • Martial

    Her?! Come on, now.

  • Some_Guy

    Its the artist’s signature, over at the zelda universe someone proved it by showing all the “google logos” that were drawn by him and all had his signature mark (which coincidentally looks like the triforce).

  • Anonymous

    While the picture of Link at google, and the hidden nature of this image suggest that it might in fact be a fan hiding the triforce in google logos, that symbol isn’t only used in Zelda. Its in temples all over the place, pic related

  • Chase

    That would be impossible to see without enlarging it, and why would anybody enlarge it unless they are looking for something, and if they are really that desperate to find something who would say they wouldn’t put it in themselve….

    yeah good sir I say that you Photoshopped it in, so stop making these stupid articles

  • buttu

    cant help it zelda is great

  • StaFu

    Chase, i’ve seen the earth day one on earth day and it had a tri force in it. OF COURSE ITLL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE WITHOUT ENLARGING IT, rofl. They’re clearly looking for something since earth day showed a tri-force. It’s not photoshop.

  • Draken

    Chase, my good sir, all that I can say to you is that you need glasses.

  • solidgamer15


  • vigeoman

    haha dude this is the second time this happend ealier this year too.

  • Chase

    sorry. I’m a douche. Now I see what you did.

  • ShiningSquirrel

    Sorry, but your wrong.
    It is not a triforce.
    It’s the symbol for the Triangle Fraternity, which is a frat for computer science majors.

    This is pretty much old news as they have been doing this for years.

  • Anonymous

    Susie Sahim (aka bogusred) works for Google and seems to have snuck the TriForce symbol into several Google logos:

  • subliminal programming. Get ready for the NWO

  • Truth

    3…tri….triangle….pyramids…..cant you see it?

    These “clubs” worldwide.

    Theses secret societys are all connected.

    They span the globe connecting ( among others )the triads (in Hong Kong) to the Trilateral Commission conecting “the Father Son and Holy Ghost”.

    Secret societies on planet Earth control everything that is human. They stifle free thought by granting favors to members and excluding nonmembers.


    The drawback to keeping secrets is that it limits growth. If all knowledge was shared it would spark even greater ideas and information, benefiting all humans. As it is, we are being held back.

    Human knowldege, as it is today, would be far advanced without secret keepers holding all humans back.

    shhhhhhh!!!!! dont tell, keep it a secret.

    If you are not “in” you are “OUT”.

  • Steve

    Zelda fan at Google. What’s the problem? Zelda is the only reason I still own that joke called the Wii. Love Zelda, love Google. Weird.

  • Jay Olsen

    That’s why google is lame..

    Bing is the wave of the future!!!!!!!!

  • Sleff

    Theres one in the Earth day logo from 2008 as well. Right hand side lower half.

  • This might also be some artifact from the compression.

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  • sakibomb

    It is definitely real. This person is the artist:, and she also did the panda for the background on the CADIE project, and you can easily see the triforce there:

    it is probably her “signature” of sorts.

    not photoshopped.

  • bung

    everyone knows newfags can’t triforce

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  • gdsgag

    ▲ ▲

  • LVG

    If you look at all her pics on google that a guy posted a few comments above, and use the magnifier, you can see that she’s embedded them in MANY of her google images.

  • Askme


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  • somehow I think it’s not about zelda.

  • That’s because Google has many LINKS in it, huh, get it??

  • IE

    Sorry, but your wrong.
    It is not a triforce.
    It’s the symbol for the Triangle Fraternity, which is a frat for computer science majors.

    This is pretty much old news as they have been doing this for years.

    This. Thanks for spreading misinformation, asshole.

  • N00bs can’t triforce.

  • Anonymous

    Newfags can’t triforce –

    – but apparently this one at Google can.

  • @Jay Olsen

    More like this is why google rocks, and bing is hella boring. 😛

    P.S. Am I the only one NOT spending my free time looking at the images Google posts for tiny little references to random things?

  • That’s no triforce. That’s a first-iteration sierpinski triangle.

  • Babylonier

    here you can see another so-called triforce in the green next to the waterfall:

  • Douglas

    ahhahaha ooohh my god google have one piece of the triforce XD

  • ratatat

    googlefags can triforce… aparently
     ▲ ▲

  • Bob

    Susie Sahim has the picture of her dressed as Link with the triforce on her shield on the front page of her blog:

    It’s linked from her personal site:

    So yeah, Zelda.

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  • Nancy Sharp

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  • Mike

    I always knew google liked Zelda, now if they only liked the Electronic Cigarette it would be great… cuz Im sure people really want to learn more about them.

  • Okay, one thing is for sure. Out of all of the employees at Google, there is definitely, without a doubt, [at least] ONE employee there who loves Zelda.

    Now, whether or not, this was included in the image to pay homage to the Zelda series, who know? Interesting nonetheless.

  • Is modern warfare 2 out for wii yet?

  • That looks like an accident to me.

    Your girl Mary 🙂

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