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Splatoon 2 shows off its new Ink Tank

Posted on March 10, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account is back with another loot at a new element from Splatoon 2. Today, we have an image of the updated Ink Tank.

The Ink Tank has better resistance and is lighter. In the two years that have passed, it appears that technology has made significant strides.



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  • I wonder how the globalization in Splatoon effects different aspects of the game. And if we’ll get a title eventually where we see more global stuff in general.

    • halcyon

      they dont have proper border control so octarians keep invading

      • I just remembered I never got all the background, story things. . . but does it ever explain why the Octarians are in space now??

        • halcyon

          i didnt know they were in space but there was nothing about it in splatoon 1

          • Weren’t they? That’s where the last few stages of the story were and where the last boss fight is.

          • halcyon

            the entire single player takes place underground but the levels have holographic domes to simulate different environments

          • How did you learn that? Where’s the background on that?

          • halcyon

            scroll number 2 says ” ‘We Octarians dwell in a world deep underground. The individual caves in which we live are connected by a network of transport devices known as “kettles”.’ ‘Wow…so that’s how our home works!’ ”

            but it appears you were right about space. or at least the final boss is reached when you enter a flying saucer. also scroll 22 says: ” ‘From the depths of the sea we emerged long ago, seeking the light of the surface. In search of still greater lights, we now send this message into outer space, sealed in a disk. Perhaps one day, we will meet others like ourselves…’ ”

            so it would appear that while inklings evolved on earth, octarians are actually aliens that got their message and came to earth.

          • Okay, that makes sense. I couldn’t remember if the Octarians were actually aliens, or if they just went out there; but the former makes sense, given the picture and record of Cuttlefish and Octavio together.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    I really want to know what will happen with the messages we used to spread via Miiverse. It was a huge part of the visual identity of the game and really fun. Splatfest without all those messages inked in the stages won’t be the same.