Nugget of the day: Star Fox had metal legs?

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January 30, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

Anyone remember this classic Nintendo Power issue? It’s pretty old – all the way back from April 1993.

At first glace, you may not pick up on anything particularly noteworthy. Upon closer inspection of the cover, however, you’ll notice that Fox’s legs appear to be made of metal… and he apparently lacks feet/legs.

Here’s where things get really interesting. Check out this blurb regarding legless pilots:

“Legless pilots can handle more Gs than their legged bretherin. When gravity forces blood from the brain to lower extremities, it causes the pilot to black out. But if you have no legs to force blood to, more blood can stay in the brain, and it’s easier for the heart to pump blood back to the brain.

“Their legs were probably voluntarily amputated as these are all trained pilots. Their futuristic society allows for prosthetics that allows them to walk and run normally so there’s no loss in performing these amputations.”

I will mention here that other titles in the series, such as Star Fox Command, make it seem as though the characters are wearing boots – see this picture for example.

So in the SNES game, the Star Fox unit’s legs were amputated so that they’d be more effective in the cockpit? With Nintendo, you never know! I’m not ready to believe this theory just yet, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Perhaps Nintendo was thinking about having the Star Fox crew lack feet/legs early on in the series, but later changed the “metal legs” to boots.

Thanks to Jake for the tip!


  • taj1994

    They are and were always boots. Take a look at Fox on the continue screen of the first game:

    • Dee Jay Randle

      I know, right? And people get pissed off when I draw pictures of them barefoot…

    • Bradley Steven Merritt

      That also looks like a robotic foot in the image u posted. Note the metalic bolt looking object on the ball of his foot probably to alow bending, aswell as the segment in the midle of his foot.

      • taj1994

        Remember, it’s supposed to be futuristic. Of course there would be metal parts on their boots… It’s also not explicitly stated anywhere, and in the case of this Nintendo Power cover, it’s likely that they ran out of budget, time, resources, or any combination of the three when making the puppets for the picture.

        • Bradley Steven Merritt

          Im not saying for sure their amputys tho im saying that picture gives decent reason to believe they may be. As they say a pictures worth a thousand words so even tho they dont state their amputies showing them with what looks to be fake legs says alot. Also i fidn it hard to belive nintendo ran out of budget for a cover.

          • taj1994

            Nintendo Power isn’t from Nintendo, meaning that they actually could’ve run out of budget, time, and/or resources for the covert. Just like the official PlayStation and Xbox magazines aren’t actually from Sony or Microsoft.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Umm…this was not what I expected to read when I woke up this morning lol. How weird. I have this funny feeling you and others are reading too much into this haha.

  • Max Amos

    Fun fact. Krystal, who is a bra and two dish-towels away from naked in Starfox Adventures, never shows her bare legs again after she joins the team for Starfox Assault and Starfox Command. In fact, when I looked up the scene where Krystal becomes the bounty hunter Kursed in one of Command’s endings (I knew she was scantily clad in that scene, but still, no legs shown), I noticed her hip joints looked suspiciously inorganic.

  • Guest

    even if Nintendo power did somehow run out of time/money while drawing a cover picture, the prosthetic legs are clearly visible from the snes box art and game manual.

    and you know, it may just be me but, i like to think that Nintendo has some control over what they put in their official games… just saying.

  • Corey Shepherd

    even if Nintendo power did somehow run out of time/money while drawing a cover picture, the robotic legs are still clearly visible from the puppets used on the snes box art and in the game manual (did you know Miyamoto made them himself?).

    and you know, it may just be me but, i like to think that Nintendo has some control over what they put in their official games… just saying.

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