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Suda51 very interested in Switch

Posted on January 9, 2017 by in News, Switch

Goichi Suda, best known as Suda51, is the famous video game developer that brought us Killer7 on GameCube and No More Heroes on Wii. The studio Grasshopper Manufacture, to which he’s the CEO, is now promoting the remake of the very first game they made – The Silver Case. VG247 had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview.

At the end of the conversation, Suda51 is asked about his plans in the near future, to which he replies that he’s excited about Switch:

“I want one. Nintendo always makes really cool, interesting hardware that gives us new things to do. On the Wii, not to brag, but I feel that I made a game that used that Wii technology in one of the best ways. I want to find a cool new way to play using what Switch offers.”

Maybe we’ll get a whole new game from Suda51 that takes advantage of the hybrid capabilities of Switch in the future. Remember, Grasshopper Manufacture is a confirmed partner…


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  • Jay Bern

    Hell yeah! Grace the Switch with your unique brand of madness, almighty Suda!

  • Dio

    Another No More Heroes, please! Amazing games!

  • theFooFighter

    No more heroes 3 please

  • No More Heroes 3 would be freaking amazing, but honestly I’ll take anything Suda puts out.

    • jimmy

      That’s what *** said 😛

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    Yes, please!
    Suda 51 is one of my top 5 favorite game designers

  • NMH3 pretty please suda.

  • No More Heroes 3 or a Killer 7 sequel would be awesome. Hopefully Suda51 will have a presence at the Switch Presentation and surprise us with an announcement

  • hi v3.0

    I’m all for more M rated Switch exclusives !

  • Vinicius

    No More Heroes Trilogy when?

  • NMH was fun, but his games progressively became more trash after NMH2, with 2 even dropping in some of its quality. It played and looked good, but some of the battles were meh and frankly, the writing was just awful for what he could have done. I have no faith in Suda51 right now, and if he manages to make a good game for the Switch, I will be amazed.