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Super Mario Run getting new Yoshi colors

Posted on March 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Nintendo began to tease Super Mario Run’s big 2.0.0 update a couple of days ago. In the first information batch, it was confirmed that new playable characters would be added.

We’re not sure if this is all, but Nintendo has announced that new Yoshi colors are incoming. Along with the usual green color, red, blue, yellow, and purple will be the alternates. Nintendo also points out that it will be easier to collect Toads of the same Yoshi color currently being used in Toad Rally.

Super Mario Run’s new update arrives on March 23. The game is hitting Android on the same day.


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  • TheGoomba

    If these aren’t the “new characters” (which wouldn’t surprise me,) I predict Rosalina, Metal Mario, and Pink Gold Peach.

    • Διονῦς84

      Screw Metal Mario and PGP

  • Coonfoot

    I’m embarrassed that I didn’t see these “new” characters coming.

    While we’re on the subject… I know it’s unlikely, but I’d love it if Wario was added. Imagine that short-legged fatty doing parkour.

  • Exodecai

    Would really love Wario and Waluigi but I highly doubt we’ll ever see them in this game

  • MagcargoMan

    Well I didn’t see this coming. I was kinda wondering why they chose Purple at first but after reading the purpose of these colours it makes sense now.

    I’m really hoping these aren’t what they meant by “new characters” though. Just palette swaps would be pretty lame.