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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Princess Peach Showtime

A new Princess Peach: Showtime event has just started up in Super Mario Run.

Missions tied to the new Switch title are now appearing. Players can complete them to earn in-game statues of Peach transformed into her ensembles. If you complete three missions, you’ll get the Patisserie Peach Statue. Finishing six nets you the Swordfighter Peach Statue. Finally, at nine missions, you’ll receive the Peach & Stella Statue. All of these are brand new items in Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run update 3.2.0

Super Mario Run just received a new update with version 3.2.0.

The main part of the update indicates Nintendo has added feature for an event. What exactly that means, however, is unclear.

Super Mario Run 3.1.0 update Mario Wonder event

Super Mario Run hasn’t seen much in the way of new content in recent years, but believe it or not, a new version 3.1.0 update went live today that adds a brand new Super Mario Bros. Wonder event.

When performing certain actions in Toad Rally – or Friendly Runs – like stomping enemies or vaulting, the meter will fill up as usual. Once full, the Wonder Flower will appear – and you’ll even hear music from the Switch game. Coins in the stage will then turn into Gold Goombas, who can be defeated by touching them.

Mario mobile

After previous resistance when it came to putting content on mobile, several years ago, Nintendo started to branch out and toy around with different apps you can experience on a smart device. Mario even got in on the action with Super Mario Run, which is available on iOS and Android. However, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has indicated that mobile won’t be Mario’s home in the future.

Miyamoto told Variety in an interview: “Mobile apps will not be the primary path of future Mario games.”

The latest update for Super Mario Run is now available. On both iOS and Android, version 3.0.15 is out now.

Not too much to note this time, however, as the official patch notes only mention “Implemented bug fixes” in regards to the update.

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The latest update for Super Mario Run is now available. On both iOS and Android, version 3.0.14 is out now.

Nintendo mentions that bug fixes have been implemented, but the real change is for Android users. As previously mentioned, the game now requires Android players to be on operating system 4.4 and later.

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Run will be updated to version 3.0.14. When it goes live, the lineup of supported devices will change on Android. The game will only be compatible with operating system 4.4 and later.

Super Mario Run is expected to be updated on June 10. When the patch is distributed, you may be unable to play the game if your Android device isn’t on the minimum operating system requirement.

A new software update is now available for Super Mario Run exclusively on Android devices, raising the version to 3.0.13.

This update brings about various bug fixes. As previously reported, the next update on Android — bringing the game to version 3.0.14 — will drop support for Android version 4.4 or lower. This is expected to go live sometime in May/June.

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Nintendo has announced that an update for Super Mario Run is on the way that will change support for Android devices. After the release of version 3.0.14, players with an operating system lower than 4.4 will be unable to download or update the game. Previous versions of Super Mario Run will become unplayable as well.

Explaining the decision, Nintendo said:

Super Mario Run has received its latest update. As of today, version 3.0.12 is available for download.

Those looking for new content will unfortunately be disappointed. Nintendo has implemented bug fixes, and that pretty much seems to be it. The update is a 196.4MB download.

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