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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is hosting a new Weekend Spotlight event featuring Bowser. Items you can receive from Remix 10’s Super Bonus Game will all be related to the character.

Super Bonus Games are as follows:

Super Mario Run has kicked off its latest event. In Remix 10, the Bonus Medals you can collect will be multiplied by 1.2, giving you more chances to earn special items from the Super Bonus Games.

The event lasts until June 22.

Super Mario Run is hosting a new event this weekend. Until June 4, Remix 10’s Super Bonus Game will be offering a bunch of different items featuring 8-bit art.

The full list of Super Bonus Game items is as follows:

Super Mario Run is back with its latest activity. Until June 8, players can participate in the Gold Goomba Lite Event.

During this period, you’re tasked with defeating Gold Goombas in World Tour while being rewarded with sepcial items. This event is an easier version of Gold Goombas in which you have an easier chance to obtain certain rewards.

Available rewards include:

Super Mario Run is going all out with Princess Peach this weekend. Items players can obtain in Remix 10’s Super Bonus Game will all be related to the princess herself.

Here’s the full listing of Super Bonus Game Items along with their appearance rates:

Super Mario Run has brought back one of its reoccurring events. Until May 25, players can participate in Loads of Coins. When you win at Toad Rally during this period, you’ll receive 1.5 times as many coins as usual.

Super Mario Run has brought back once of its well-known events. Until May 11, the appearance rate of 5-star items in the Bonus Game will be increased. You’ll have a better opportunity to obtain the 5-star Mario, Peach, or Bowser statues, and more.

This information comes from Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima…

The number of Super Mario Run downloads continues to grow, despite the fact that it was released over a year ago now. This title is maintaining a base of approximately 20 million monthly active users. And as one of our evergreen titles for smart devices, we will continue to look to it as a way to maximize the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP across an expanding number of consumers worldwide.


The latest Super Mario Run update has arrived. On both iOS and Android, Nintendo has issued version 3.0.10.

As for what today’s update entails, don’t expect anything too noteworthy. Nintendo only mentions that the latest round of bug fixes have been implemented. That appears to be all.

Nintendo has brought back the Friendly Run Event in Super Mario Run once again. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you’ll receive Rally Tickets. Tickets can be used for Toad Rally or Remix 10.

The Friendly Run event will be live until April 20.

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