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Surprise: EarthBound coming to the Wii U VC today

Posted on July 18, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Podcast Stories, Wii U eShop

Today’s North American Nintendo Download report has been conspicuously missing in action. There could be one major reason for its delay: EarthBound appears to be coming to the Wii U eShop today as a Virtual Console download.

An official page on Nintendo’s website lists today’s release date as well as a $9.99 price point. It’s a bit more than other SNES titles, but most will probably say that it’s worth it.

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  • Andrew

    Nintendo really should have the same games available for both the 3ds and Wii U. The eShop needs to be organized better like the PSN store. Whatever doesn’t work for the 3ds (such as Wii U games) will be separated in its own section. For roms like this it can be categorized in a section that users who have either system can access. It’s not that hard Nintendo get with the new century already.

    • SecretX

      hey at least you get the double the coins in club nintendo and if you have the delux wii U it has the promotion that gives a 5$ give card. True the PSN is ok but it also has it problems especially the new psn version it’s so slow.

      • Andrew

        Still it makes no sense that users cannot download roms for both Wii U and 3ds that would obviously run on both machines. You can do it with the Vita and PS3 regardless of how “slow” the store is, which for me isn’t slow at all.

        • SecretX

          well the eshop is brand new so we might see something similar one day.

          • Andrew

            Yup hopefully it’s sooner than later ^_^