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There’ll be a few Switch consoles for walk-in customers at GameStop stores

Posted on February 22, 2017 by in News, Switch

Without a Switch pre-order, it will be hard to buy one on launch day for sure. However, in a news release GameStop said that they will have a ‘limited supply’ of  Switch units for customers that enter the store and don’t have a pre-order.

“Customers who were not able to pre-order the system are encouraged to attend GameStop’s midnight launch events.”

We all know what happened with the NES Classic and how few units ended up on sale at video game stores around the world. So maybe this time it will be relatively possible to grab a Switch without having it pre-ordered online beforehand.

Additionally, GameStop have also announced that they will sell only two Switch bundles:

  • Bundle 1: Nintendo Switch + Switch Pro Controller + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – $429.99
  • Bundle 2: Bundle 1 + Piggyback’s official guide to Breath of the Wild – $454.99

We don’t know when these bundles will be up on their website, but we’ll update with any new information.



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  • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

    Awesome, bundle at full prIce of buying everything seperate what a deal…

  • Ramon

    Wish they would have a Switch bundle with no game. The ProController is something that I’m going to buy sooner or later.

  • so glad i pre-ordered my Switch when i did :v

  • Justin McQuillen

    I live in a small town within walking distance of a gamestop. I’m there.

  • TechnoPancake

    GS Employee on launch day:

    “We don’t have any new Switch bundles in stock, but you can get one used right now.”


  • If I don’t make it to Best Buy’s midnight launch, and Target fails me, I will walk right on over to GameStop~.