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Unepic, Ghost coming to Switch

Posted on August 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of titles previously published for Wii U announced for Switch. You can add another one to the list today.

Unepic, which launched way back at the start of 2014, is being ported to Switch. It’s a 2D RPG with a mixture of platforming elements.

Also on the way is Ghost. It’s a Metroidvania game “where two super hackers hire a mysterious agent in order to infiltrate the Nakamura Space Station and steal the greatest electronic secret ever.” Unepic’s creator is also responsible for Ghost, which first appeared on Steam last year.

Worth noting, Ghost will be put on Wii U as well. While many have moved on from the console, Unepic sold the most there.

Thanks to Ivan for the tip.


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  • cloud36426

    Both of these look like they would be good. Glad to see games continually announced for the Switch.

  • Francesco Gentile

    I loved Unepic on Wii U, it is a really fun game

    • jimmy

      Would be cool if they made a sequel

      • Francesco Gentile

        Not only cool. Epic! 😛

        • jimmy

          Don’t you mean unEpic? Or is that un-unEpic?

  • Reggie

    That trailer was really cringe worthy, but the game itself looks nice.

  • AJK

    I was just saying to a friend that unepic would be perfect on Switch a few days ago…weird.

    • Mr Ninty

      Could you do the same for every other game plz

      • AJK

        Me and the same friend had also been saying for a while that Rocket League would be perfect too, and that happened. We also think that Dark Souls Switch would be a great idea so watch this space…

        • theFooFighter

          You and your friend should also talk about dragon Ball fighter Z and a monster hunter xx localization

          • AJK

            Haha. We’re not so good on localisation. We were saying the seiken densetsu collection should come westwards and it didnt

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