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Why Nintendo won’t allow you to play VC games off a SD Card

Posted on December 16, 2007 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

This is a very interesting tidbit. Most people have been dying for a way to play Virtual Console games in an easier way. By now, a lot of people have their Wii internal memory since the memory is occupied with games and channels. It’s a nuisance to have to either delete games then redownload them, or save games onto the SD cards and then transfer them back. Because of this, most had hoped that one way to solve this problem is to play games directly off of the SD Card. However, there seems to be a pretty big issues in terms of game delay. Read the response of a Nintendo representative after the jump.

I don’t know if you’ve transferred any games from your Wii memory to an SD memory card. If you have, you’re already aware that it can take a long time. The data access speeds for the SD memory card are so slow that running a game directly from a card would be full of delays. For fast data transfer speeds, it’s necessary to have the game data reside in the system memory.

As players continue to download Virtual Console games, the Wii console’s internal memory will fill up. However, it’s important to note that the actual downloaded game and the license to have that downloaded game on your Wii console reside in two separate areas of your Wii Internal
Memory. The game resides in the Channels section while the license is kept in your Wii Shop Channel account.

What this means to you is that once you’ve beaten a Virtual Console game, feel free to delete it to make room for another game. If at any point you decide to play it again, access the Wii Shop Channel and download it again. It is possible to delete and re-download purchased Virtual
Console games as many times as you like for free, even if you were to re-format the console. This will allow you to free up the space you need for game saves and new Channels indefinitely.

The only way to delete or lose the license is to delete your Wii Shop Channel account entirely, which would then delete the licenses of all the games you’ve downloaded.


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  • Vorgothe

    Ha that is awesome!
    Though i will never delete mario rpg
    best game ever made, period.

  • Snuk the Great

    This is total bullcrap. The system could just as well copy it from the SD to the Wii temporarily. Sure, it will take some time and you will need some dedicated virtual cosole blocks, but it still is one confirmation click and not a whole trip through Wii “options” land. One click is always better then 2 or more (and this is way more).

  • Vorgothe

    Eh, I don’t really see the problem with it, once you have the game it’s free to re-download it besides sometimes you just don’t want a game anymore because you’ve played through it too many times. As long as you don’t have to pay for it again I don’t see a problem with it.

  • Zelda28

    I think you should be able to use a SD Card. It may take longer, but it would be worth it in the long run. It would better then just deleting many games.

  • Vorgothe

    Might be, you never know though, the SD card is an amazing idea but i guess they know what they are doing.

  • Jaime (Switch)

    Pretty good idea tat the license is in the Shop so you can delete it.

  • Vorgothe

    Haha yeah at least this way it won’t be wasting space when your done playing it
    i just think the files should stay saved to the wii memory.

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  • Crowfeather

    Ohh, this is a good bit of information.
    Learn something every day. =]

  • Jonny B

    How hard is it to put like a 5GB of memory into the wii, instead of tiny 512 mb. problem solved. my flash drive is tiny and holds 40 gb. sure theres some space in that console, should have thought of this in the first place. damu nintendo