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Wii games playable on NVIDIA Shield in China

Posted on December 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

A presentation was held in China today for the NVIDIA Shield. You wouldn’t expect Nintendo news to come out of such an event, but it seems as though a pretty big announcement was made.

The new Chinese version of NVIDIA Shield is capable of running Wii games. Site reader pdapandapda tells us that the graphics will be optimized, but we’re trying to get confirmation on that. If true, perhaps the Wii titles will run at more suitable HD resolutions.

The NVIDIA Shield should be able to run New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario Galaxy. That’s the initial lineup that’s been shared at least.

It seems as though the NVIDIA Shield is actually launching in China today. The device costs 1499 RMB.


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  • nemo37

    Hopefully they can bring these to Switch (since both Switch and Shield TV are based around the same hardware). It seems like the Nvidia and Nintendo partnership might be deeper than Nvidia just providing the SOC and platform integration for Switch.

  • theFooFighter

    Sounds like a good step towards a Wii virtual console line up on the switch

    • awng782

      That’s exactly what I thought when I read this. The Switch is essentially an upgraded and portable Nvidia Shield from a hardware architecture perspective, so not having a Wii Virtual Console on Switch would be a huge missed opportunity especially after this announcement.

      • Kathleen

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      • Janice

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  • Roto Prime


  • GoldenTriforce

    This has not been confirmed for the west (and likely is a China-only thing), and this does not confirm VC for Switch. Even still, I do wonder what this means for Wii VC. On one hand, the Switch is clearly capable of emulation, but on the other hand, these seem to be directly modifying the control schemes. I don’t think Nintendo would be that willing to do that on their own hardware. I wonder if Joycons are capable of emulating wii-motes, or if Wii VC on Switch just won’t happen,

    • Ramon

      Might be an only China thing, but like you said, we do see that the Switch will be capable of running Wii games. Might be interesting to see if this comes to the west along with a virtual console of past Nintendo systems.

    • Maybe that’s why the right joy con has an IR sensor for, who knows what else that thing will be used for (well who else knows other than the Big N)

      • GoldenTriforce

        But where is the second sensor for the Joycon’s sensor to track, like this Wii sensor bar.

        • Well… that’s why I said who knows (I don’t have the answers the big N does) because for all I know they “could” be thinking of releasing a peripheral that is a new sensor bar. And who knows if something like that were to happen it could mean that even wii motes could accidentally be compatible to the switch just like the GC controllers are now.

    • KingOfRedLions7

      They would have to modify the controls on their own games if they wanted them playable in handheld mode. Otherwise you’d have to play with detached Joy-Cons only and that wouldn’t be very fun imo. I can’t wait to see how they tweaked Galaxy to work without an IR pointer. Legally playing Galaxy in HD with a pro controller sounds awesome.

  • Paddy Alfan

    And whyd they put this only in China?

    All in all, I consider myself lucky, my nvidia shield can play switch games!

    • Gilmar Venancio

      It seems that the Switch will eventually launch in China on 2019, so its a good way to give something while that long and weird process came to an end.

    • GoldenTriforce

      Because China is a hard market to get into, so this is an easy way to start, taking advantage of a close partner’s hardware.

  • ジョシュ

    Holy moly!

  • JasonBall

    …legally? Like, Nintendo said “here you go Nvidia, sell our games on your thing in China.”?

    • Yes Nvidia is helping the Switch. Nintendo said they need to have a plan and partner in China to be a success. Nvidia and any other close company will help them and this is a start.

      • Gilmar Venancio

        Tencent will help a lot with Arena of Valor and the other stuff that happens only in China

    • nemo37

      Yes. It is also not the first time Nintendo has done something like this in China. They have done everything from licensing software to even licensing hardware in order to break into the Chinese market (with little success I might add).

      • Yes. And that would be thanks to iQue (which is now a Nintendo subsidary since 2013).

  • Kid X

    Interesting, I remember hearing about this back when the Switch was revealed, back then it was just a rumor and I don’t think Super Mario Galaxy was one of the games mentioned but to see it be true is strange, it may have been part of the deal with both companies for the Switch’s hardware.

    Since this is running on Android it makes me wonder how long people can get these games up and running on phones like the Galaxy Note 8 and Razor’s new phone.

  • Zeebor

    Well, at least we know Punch-Out hasn’t been forgotten just yet.

  • JasonBall

    Can someone tell me how expensive this device is to import and how easy it is to convert my money to get these HD Wii games?

    • KingOfRedLions7

      The Shield is available to purchase here now and it runs Android so give it a week after these games come out in China and there will be a workaround on the internet on how to bypass whatever DRM Nintendo is using and play them here.

      Or just wait till Nintendo brings them to Switch VC next year because they will.

      • JasonBall

        No no no, I want to buy these legally.

        • KingOfRedLions7

          Then buy them legally elsewhere to split the difference. If that still bothers you then I suppose it would be possible to import a Chinese version and make an alternate account. Idk how Nvidia is selling these games though; if it’s through Google Play then you could use PayPal (maybe not though cause China), but if it’s through GeForce Now (Nvidia’s store/subscription service) then I’m 99% sure they only take card in which case things get a lot more complicated. Also there’s a very good chance that with this being a Chinese market that there won’t be an English translation in the game (Uncle Phil Hug is trolling you but ironically may be right.)

          If you REALLY want to play these legally then I suggest waiting for them to come to Switch. (That’s what I’m doing and I own a Shield.) The Shield and Switch have the same processor so I guarantee when VC hits we’ll see these games.

          • JasonBall

            Ok, so you don’t know. Thanks.

          • KingOfRedLions7

            There is no way for you to legally play these without being in China. Nintendo doesn’t want people outside of China playing these. That’s just how it is whether you find a way to pay for it or not. So either buy them legally elsewhere and side load it, or buy them legally elsewhere and play them legally elsewhere. Why do you need to play these on a device you otherwise don’t know or care about?

          • JasonBall

            Because Wii games in HD and knowing Nintendo it could be a dumb long time before they come to Switch.

          • skilarbabcock

            Correction. They do NOT have the same processor. The shield has the Tegra 4, and the switch has the Tegra x1 (like the shield tv) which is many many times more powerful. This is coming to shield, not the shield TV.

          • KingOfRedLions7

            Lol no. Did you read the article? The headline may only say Shield but this is coming to Shield TV. And that’s what I was talking about, but while we’re on the subject the Shield Tablet has a Tegra K1 processor not Tegra 4 or whatever.

          • skilarbabcock

            Did you read my comment? The Nvidia shield had a Tegra 4. The Nvidia shield TABLET has k1. The only thing the article has, is Nvidia shield. It says nothing about shield TV

          • KingOfRedLions7

            You’re talking about the OG Shield !? Dude that thing is dead as it gets you think Nvidia and Nintendo are bringing Wii games to THAT? For that matter the Shield Tablet is basically dead too. Whenever any current day article mentions the Nvidia Shield it’s pretty much ALWAYS referring to the TV unless stated otherwise.

            So read the article again. Or at least look at the pictures. Or heck look at the countless other articles from tech and gaming sites reporting on this. Wii games are coming to the Nvidia Shield TELEVISION. Ffs where has the common sense gone?

    • step 1 you gotta pay for chinese lessons

      • JasonBall

        Zero of those four games require me to learn Chinese.

        • how else are you going to enjoy the rich candy bar related quips of doc from punch-out?

          • JasonBall

            Ah, now you’re trolling. I swear, the transition is instant.

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      before import try to research if you can simple create a Chinese account in a western Shield

    • For one thing, the Shield itself converts to $226 USD

      • JasonBall


  • if y’all want to play Wii games go buy a Wii U geez

    • JasonBall

      Or a Wii

      • Aline Piroutek

        Or a PS4

  • Wanderlei

    Must mean Wii/Gamecube coming to Switch if Nvidia engineers put time in to this.

  • KingOfRedLions7

    I wonder how they tweaked the controls? Galaxy for instance without an IR pointer would be impossible. Man I can’t wait to see what this means for Switch VC! Wii games upressed to 1080p with regular controller support ?? Yes please

  • awng782

    Nintendo is going 3rd party confirmed…

    …in China only…

    …with near decade-old Wii games…

    …on a platform nobody owns…

    ok cool

    • nintendo already went 3rd party a year ago on iphone

      • KingOfRedLions7

        You know what he means idiot

      • Roto Prime

        Its all part of the master plan by Iwata-sama, I did not lose my $%&# that day cause I watched to whole presentation about DeNa with Iwata-sama…Just to sum it up, Nintendo now gets payed to advertise there games rather then pay to advertise there game….

  • Blake Good

    Yet another nail in the coffin for the Switch Virtual Console! Thanks a lot, Nintendope!

    • ChuckyGuy98

      WOW! Since you like to talk like you work for the company and not some loser just wasting his life with no job or girlfriend and all they do all day is watch tv and play video games. Tell me how it is like working at Nintendo since this big time hard working company is so “lazy” to you?

    • R.Z.


      • Blake Good

        I hope I’m wrong!

        • ChuckyGuy98

          Knowing you, you will be wrong. As usual

  • Tlink7

    This isn’t really big news. The Chinese video game market is just super weird. Nintendo isn’t releasing its consoles there, so in order to still sell their games to the enormous Chinese market, they’re using the Shield as a platform

  • YamiryuuZero

    Wait, is it legal? You sure that’s not China ripping-off stuff again?

    • Exy

      Nintendo goes through unique deals to distribute their games in China, and even then only a handful of games get released.

      • YamiryuuZero

        That…. I did not expect…

  • zakarul

    what if this is the dolphin emulator?

  • R.Z.

    Oh noes, Nintendo goes multiplat !