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Wii U eShop lists July 10 release date for The Letter

Posted on June 30, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

TreeFall Studios’ first-person horror adventure “The Letter” appears to be coming to the North American Wii U eShop next week. The digital store has the game listed for a July 10 launch. Pricing is set at $1.99.


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  • LordDisco

    For those of you interested, here is the trailer for the game:

    It looks interesting, but I’m confused by a couple things and can’t find answers. The game did not come even remotely close to its IndieGoGo campaign goal, and not only that, it seemed like based on its backer rewards it was going to be priced at around $10 (Since that was the tier that got you a copy of the game).

    With that said, $2 seems cheap. Like REALLY cheap. Am I missing something here???

    • Roto

      Thanks ^°^

    • Eli Brewer

      Hi!! My name is Eli Brewer and I developed The Letter! 😀 I happened to come across this page and noticed the comments! To answer your questions, yes the project fell very short of it’s goal, and I believe many people did not believe we could finish a project or make one for the Wii U! Because of the shortage of backers, the game’s length was greatly shortened! That is why I lowered the price to 1.99! Also because it is my first console title and I want everyone to be able to afford it and pick it up 😀 The game will be receiving free updates with additional content for awhile as well! I am sorry I don’t have a new trailer for the game yet, that trailer is one of my original ones and it was badly recorded on the PC! The game looks better than that on the Wii U. I hope you will pick it up when it launches on Thursday and I hope that I have answered your questions that have gone unanswered for awhile!! If you have any more questions you can contact me at http://www.facebook.com/treefallstudios or at http://www.twitter.com/treefallgames Those are our official pages! Thanks!!

      • LordDisco

        Wow, dude! Thanks for getting on here and answering my questions. I wasn’t expecting my post to get legit recognition! Lone enough credible answers.

        And bro, for $2, I’ll pick up much of any game. Because you took the time to respond to me personally, I’ll definitely support your game. Good luck! It definitely looks interesting. Looking forward to trying it out.

        • Eli Brewer

          Oh for sure man! Anytime!! I love reaching out and trying to answer the unanswered questions! 😀 Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it!! I have been working on the first update now and hopefully have even more stuff out shortly after launch!! 😀 Thanks again!

          • LordDisco

            Eli: After finally having time to play The Letter, I have to say, it was pretty hard to play though. Right off the bat, the main menu was way too bland and ugly, especially the blurry picture of the letter. The “Press + Button” rocking up and down was also quite goofy-looking. Menus are supposed to be gateways into the world we are about to enter, and there was nothing about this menu that got me excited to enter the game.

            Not only that, but the menu didn’t even have… well… a menu. The lack of an “options” sucked, because I HATE y-inversion for first-person games. The Letter forced me to use y-inversion, and there was absolutely no way to change that.

            Also, why do the “Hidden Letters” glow like the noonday sun? It’s hard for something to be “hidden” when it stands out like a sore thumb. I just turned my flashlight off and found all of the hidden letters without even trying.

            Lastly, there were quite a few grammatical errors throughout the games, especially in the letters. This just shows more unprofessional work in the game, and it is something that needs to get ironed out ASAP.

            I told you I would support you, and I did, but some of these things (If not all) need to get fixed immediately or else your game is going to fade out into oblivion. It’s already getting railed on Miiverse by just about everyone, and a lot of the reviews are extremely low-scored. Good luck with the upcoming updates. Hopefully you can get people interested again.

      • RedRocBoy

        Hope the game does very well. I for one I’m definitely excited about it. I love survival horror and this is right up my alley. Hope your able to bring more games to the eShop. Especially survival horror. Best of luck to you bro and great success.

  • Evan Baranowski

    I am honestly shocked that this project still exists, let alone is being released in the near future.

  • RedRocBoy

    Yes survival horror. Finally hope this is the start of a trend.