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Viva Piñata details

Posted on May 27, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

– Activities similar to Xbox 360 version, but with touch screen controls
– Ex: Draw grass with grass-seed packet, whack something with shovel
– Tickle piñatas to make them happier
– Use shovel to remove litter/rubble to make garden more open to others
– First visitor is Whirlm – If you build a house and there are two Whirlm characters, they will “romance each other”
– Hire Willy Builder to construct houses
– Tap on one Whirlm, drag to other to initiate mating – dancing cut-scene ensues, another Whirlm becomes available at Storkos, the egg-deliverer
– Whirlms bring in the Sparrowmints
– Dead piñatas turn into candy
– Grow vegetables or purchase them – growing is cheaper but longer
– Seedos comes occasionally and offers free seeds
– Can sell excess crops for chocolate points to buy new objects to attract other piñatas, improve garden
– Playground mode: Garden created for you, build anything, attract piñatas without chocolate coins
– Jeli piñata hinted to be in the game
– Can send piñatas and other things to friends (local Wi-Fi)
– No downloadable content

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