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2019 EDGE awards, including top 10 games of the year

Posted on January 11, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

As is tradition for EDGE, the magazine published its 2019 awards in issue #341. Categories include top Nintendo title of the year, publisher of the year, and even the top ten games of the year.

Here’s the full lineup of awards: 

PlayStation Game of the Year

Runner-up: Concrete Genie
Runner-up: Death Stranding
Winner: Blood and Truth

Xbox Game of the Year

Runner-up: Crackdown 3
Runner-up: Gears 5
Winner: Xbox Game Pass

Nintendo Game of the Year

Runner-up: Tetris 99
Runner-up: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Winner: Astral Chain

PC Game of the Year

Runner-up: Eliza
Runner-up: Devotion
Winner: Disco Elysium

VR Game of the Year:

Runner-up: Asgard’s Wrath
Runner-up: Blood and Truth
Winner: Pistol Whip

Best Visual Design

Runner-up: Death Stranding
Runner-up: Control
Winner: Sayonara Wild Hearts

Best Audio Design

Runner-up: Untitled Goose Game
Runner-up: Sayonara Wild Hearts
Winner: Outer Wilds

Best Storytelling

Runner-up: Devotion
Runner-up: Eliza
Winner: Telling Lies

Best Hardware

Runner-up: RTX 2080 Ti
Runner-up: Index
Winner: Oculus Quest

Best Mobile Game

Runner-up: Shinsekai: Into the Depths
Runner-up: Sky: Children of the Light
Winner: Grindstone

Publisher of the Year

Runner-up: Nintendo
Runner-up: Capcom
Winner: Annapurna Interactive

Studio of the Year

Runner-up: Media Molecule
Runner-up: Mobius Digital
Winner: Respawn Entertainment

Game of the Year

10: Astral Chain
9: Devotion
8: Disco Elysium
7: Sekiro
6: Grindstone
5: Baba is You
4: Apex Legends
3: Sayonara Wild Hearts
2: Telling Lies
1: Outer Wilds

You can find EDGE’s 2018 awards here and 2017 awards here.



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