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3D action-adventure game XEL announced for Switch

Posted on August 24, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Assemble Entertainment and Tiny Roar today announced XEL, an upcoming 3D action-adventure game. The project is currently targeting release for Q2 2022.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

XEL is a 3D action-adventure set in a sci-fi fantasy setting. Play as Reid, shipwrecked on the strange world of XEL. Without any recollection of her former life, it is up to you to unravel her past and connection to XEL. Ready your sword and shield as you explore the overworld of XEL and dive into imposing Zelda-like dungeons full of unforeseen threats and challenging puzzles. Throughout your journey you will make new friends and foes, learn new moves, find new gadgets as well as being able to jump through time and space. As Reid delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding XEL, she discovers an endless cycle of peril. Will she be able to break free from it and what will it take?

Key Features

  • An ass-kicking 3D action-adventure through space and time.
    • Explore the mysterious world of XEL and uncover its dark past.
    • A vibrant overworld and challenging Zelda-like dungeons await to be explored and mastered.
    • Help Reid figure out who she is and why she is stranded on this strange place.
    • Hack and slash your way through gone-haywire-robot-minions and face the exotic wildlife of XEL.
    • Solve time bending puzzles and make use of your arsenal of gadgets to unlock secret paths.
  • Old-school gameplay meets new-school features
    • A classic top-down 3D action-adventure with dynamic camera shifts to stay close to the action.
    • XEL offers a well-crafted combat system with different attacks, combos, dodging, parrying and gadgets. How you tackle each encounter is up to you.
    • Upgrade your weapons, shield and gadgets to kick even more ass and unlock powerful new moves and combos.
    • Collect cores to unlock unique abilities that will let you jump through time to traverse prior inaccessible areas or encounter foes in a weaker state and bend the rules of space.
    • Zelda-like dungeons and puzzles put your wits as well as your guts to the test.
  • The world of XEL awaits
    • Experience an intriguing sci-fi fantasy tale with a strong emphasis on story-telling, combat and puzzling.
    • Meet a memorable cast of characters and engage in witty and charming dialogues.
    • Stumble upon secret quests and landmarks to learn more of the lore.
    • Discover time-distorted areas that allow you to take a glimpse behind the curtain that led to the downfall of this strange place.
    • Interact with your environment and actively engage with NPCs.
    • A timeless soundtrack and visuals.
    • XEL offers vibrant visuals, handcrafted by a passionate Indie team as well as a timeless soundtrack composed by Gidon Wolff.

XEL is expected to launch digitally for Switch via the Shop.

Source: Assemble Entertainment PR

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