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Publishers show interest in Winter, game receives new build

Posted on March 27, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Back in January, the secret dark Wii title that IGN had been hinting about for months was revealed. The only problem was that the game was then considered to be canceled. So what has changed since gamers last heard about Winter?

The developers of the game have since created a new build of the game – Winter 2.0, as Dan O’Leary, president of development and creative director Ted Newman call it. Two weeks or so have been spent on the project. The developers have not only polished the game, but they have also added features such as Wii MotionPlus support for character attacks and object-based interactions. Graphically, the 3D engine has seen improvements. Textures have been upgraded and effects such as realistic falling snow and an overhaul of the flashlight can be noticed. The best news of all is that, according to O’Leary, a couple of publishers have shown interest in Winter. This could be an important step in seeing the game eventually release.

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