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No split-screen multiplayer in The Conduit to prevent loss of quality

Posted on April 8, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

“It is mostly for that reason [loss of game quality during split-screen]. When we set out, management handed us a box that had the things that we must incorporate, and one of those things was “Best looking game on the Wii” so, we were very concerned with loss of graphics quality – to basically double render the game on the box. As you can see, we’ve really pushed things with the bump mapping, the shading, the lighting and so forth. But again, it’s something that our in-house technology group is looking into, seeing if there is a way that we can milk the system for more. So that possibly in future titles we can manage that. But for The Conduit, that was the main reason.” – Lead Game Designer Rob Nicholls

Personally, I don’t mind the loss of split-screen in The Conduit. It would have been nice obviously, but like Mr. Nicholls said, it’s something that could be implemented in the future. Considering everything the development team has managed to cram into the game, the lack of split-screen won’t turn me away from making a purchase.


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