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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia details

Posted on May 27, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News


– Game takes place in mid 1800s when Belmont went missing
– All people unsuccessful at combating Dracula until Ecclesia formed
– Shanoa is the main character – first time a female stars
– Shanoa can use Glyphs (have many abilities) – source of Shanoa’s power
– “No real weapons in this game” – Glyphs used for every attack with MP
– Glyphs can change form: Ex – turn into a sword
– Glyphs located in environments, found when enemies dropped them, and other ways
– New layer of strategy due to glyph MP consumption with glyphs
– MP refills quickly when not attacking
– Can create combos
– Glyph Union special attack: Huge sword travels across the screen, constant barrage of knife hits -requires hearts
– Glyphs can be used in other ways: Ex – Produce magnetic field and cling to metal rods
– Barlowe part of Order of Ecclesia – gives tips and teaches you about your abilities at the beginning
– Albus also part of the Ecclesia group – Takes Dominus at the start of the game(the best Glyph weapon against the Dracula) – Shanoa loses her memory + power)
– World map utilized
– More than 20 locales in the game, Shanoa travels to find Dominus
– Save statues, teleport rooms return
– Side quests given by rescued villagers – villager data available in menui
– Game looks more mature, somber, painted than other games on the DS
– Michiru Yamane handling sound again
– No returning characters except for Dracula
– Returning from previous versions: Leveling-up, dodging (L/R buttons), select button to switch between map and stats, hard difficulty setting, multiple endings, Wi-Fi support
– Wi-Fi: New item interface: you can have your own shop, vs. competition considers items used and damaged received to determine winner
– Other features NP can’t talk about

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