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This is Capcom’s Monter Hunter surprise

Posted on September 7, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Update: You can check out the announcement on Capcom’s blog here. Right now, the contest says it’s Europe-exclusive, but we’ll have to see if that information is changed. They may have just copied the same details from the Europe release.

Remember the “monster” surprise Capcom was pumping up? Well, it’s been revealed…And…It’s two challenges. Winners will be credited in Monster Hunter 3. Below is the announcement from Capcom Europe, but the North American division should have their notice up soon as well.

You’ve slaughtered and captured monsters, gathered together for life-threatening missions and ventured in perilous grounds but do you have what it takes to forge the perfect Monster Hunter’s weapon? Prove it!

To celebrate its ever growing Community, Capcom has two challenges for all Monster Hunters:

1. FORGE THE WEAPON: design a new weapon for Monster Hunter Tri (PAL region). The weapon must belong to one of the official categories (Great Sword, Sword & Shield, Hammer, Lance, Switch Axe, Long Sword, Bowgun – Light, Medium, Heavy).

2. NAME THE WEAPON: your drawing skills haven’t improved since you were 2 years old but words are your thing and you have always thought there should be a Long Sword called Aninchlong (orSekai Ichi Mijikai Ken) in game? We have some nameless, mysterious weapons in need of befitting names. Submit your suggestion indicating what category the weapon belongs to.

The rules


* This competition is open to EU, Australia and New Zealand residents only (see Capcom Unity for North America)
* Submissions can only be accepted through the dedicated threads in the relevant forum threads on
* Entrants must be 16 years old +
* Winners will be selected at Capcom’s discretion
* Capcom reserves the right to amend and modify any part of the competition at any time

Forge the Weapon

* Only one entry/drawing for each forum member. Multiple entries submitted through multiple accounts by the same person will be disqualified
* The submitted design can be accompanied by an original weapon name
* Any drawing technique is allowed

Name the Weapon

* Only one entry per category allowed (Great Sword, Sword & Shield, Hammer, Lance, Switch Axe, Long Sword, Bowgun – Light, Medium, Heavy)
* Copyrighted names are not acceptable and will be disqualified
* Inappropriate and/or offensive names will be disqualified

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following very carefully.

By entering this competition and submitting your suggestions and original design you:

(a) grant the Company (Capcom) and any Competition sponsor(s) the right to use your design or any related rights for the purpose of this Competition

(b) accept that all entries (and all copyright and other intellectual property rights in them) will become the property of the Company (Capcom) upon receipt and entries will not be returned. You will retain all rights you have in the copyright and other intellectual property rights comprising the Competition entry but, by entering the Competition, you grant the Company and its licensees the right free of charge to your Competition entry; and

(c) waive any moral rights or similar rights you have in your Competition entry whether such rights arise pursuant to the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988 (the ““Act””) or equivalent legislation anywhere elsewhere in the world.

(d) Whilst it is their intention to use the winning content, Capcom cannot guarantee that such content will be included in Monster Hunter Tri or that it will be included without alterations.

Closing date for the submissions: Sunday 27th Sep 2009 at 11.59pm BST

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