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New DS game unveiled – Project Monster, from Henry Hatsworth devs

Posted on November 6, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News


– Doesn’t have a publisher yet
– DreamRift developing the game (Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, The Red Star, Dementium: The Ward, Guitar Hero III, and Henry Hatsworth)
– Main character is Ellie
– Ellie finds Chomp, a magical monster
– Gameplay is a mix of Mega Man, Mario, Metroid-like gameplay
– Can raise monsters
– When Chomp takes a lot of damage, retreats to the bottom screen to rest
– Can throw items down for the monster customization system
– Pet character helps Ellie with challenges
– Pet is constantly being raised on both screens
– Pet grows/evolves which can take on tons of different forms/skills/abilities/attacks
– Ellie somehow comes across the Monster World
– Ryan Pijai, the co-founder, was the Lead Programmer on Henry Hatsworth
– Less than 20 developers at DreamRift
– Art director from Hatsworth also working on the game
– Each Monster Kingdom ruled by a human king with their own Pet Monster
– Main character and monster both power up
– Pet Store allows the monster to gain new forms/abilities
– Pet abilities include attacks, being able to help Ellie move through environments, defensive moves – Based on food, toys, equipments, items given to the monster
– DreamRift interested in downloadable and console games, too
– Publisher reception has been positive
– About 1/3 done with development
– Should release sometime in the second half of 2010



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