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The Conduit info – multiplayer details and more

Posted on February 7, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

– Didn’t fight Drudge in the first of the two levels NP demoed
– Instead fighting against Prometheus (terrorist) – has the power to control people
– Up to something at the Ronald Regan Washington National Airport
– Human soldiers shoot at you
– Enemies pop up from behind counters
– While fighting through the airport, brown-orange gas revives baddies – Secret behind the gas wasn’t revealed to Nintendo Power
– All Seeing Eye allows you to find a number of switches to unlock a door
– Finding switches isn’t difficult
– ASE beeps when you get closer to a hidden object
– ASE becomes very important in subsequent levels
– Much of the plot revealed in interspersed dialogue scenes between John Adams and Mr. Ford
– Plot has many twists and turns
– Game has quality voice work – Mark A. Sheppard doing voice work for Mr. Ford, Willian Morgan Sheppard doing voice work for John Adams
– Library of Congress is another level
– Have to take down Trust agents – under the mistaken impression that you’re a puppet for Prometheus, have orders to take you out
– Can play with 16 players online
– Choose to fight globally, people in your region, people who you’ve exchanged friend codes with
– Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag game modes for online
– Nintendo Power only played with 6 people only but there were no graphical or gameplay issues
– Medical Facility is one of the multiplayer maps
– All maps taken from single-player
– Medical Facility “totally remade to better suit multiplayer gameplay with what the developers call the Human Weapons set (handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, and the like).”
– It’s effective to lock onto your opponent with Z – see how much health he has left
– Head shots do substantial damage, though they don’t always kill opponents instantly
– 180-degree turn button being considered so that you could take someone out at your rear
– Training Complex another Deathmatch map
– Central area with balconies on the perimeter – leaves you open to be sniped
– Everyone starts the match with a rocket launcher
– Other weapons can be found on the map including a gun that lobs electric orbs
– Takes some time to load in a fresh rocket – Rocket can damage opponent even if the aim isn’t spot on
– WiiSpeak support wasn’t implemented for Nintendo Power’s session, but High Voltage promises it will be included when the “the game hits stores in spring.”

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