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AeternoBlade planned for Q3, new screenshots/art and details

Posted on April 3, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Corecell Technology is starting to wrap up development on AeternoBlade. A launch is planned for the third quarter of 2013 on the eShop and at retail in Europe, but a North American publisher is sought after for the North American release. Corecell has also said in a press release that it will be turning to Indiegogo to raise additional funds for the game.

New details as well as screenshots and art can be found below.

– Story: Long time ago at Awelsia region, “Beladim” the Lord of the dark mist use his army destroyed Ridgeroad village in order to conquer the world
– “Ferya”, a Mage warrior, was only one who survived from massacre
– Ferya wakes up at a field near Ridgeroad
– Her purpose in life is to now get revenge on Beladim
– Freya’s main ability is time reversal
– Can use the ability in 3 different ways: turning all the world when she make mistakes, reverse all enemies, and remark a position to reverse herself back in
– Use those abilities to kill monsters and solve puzzles
– Details about 2 important characters, 7 worlds, and relics system soon

Head past the break for character information.


Freya is mage warrior who sacrifices her life to protect Ridgeroad Village. She is kind of serious and responsible person with kindness heart. Her sword ability is extremely talent. However, after Ridgeroad village was destroyed she has falled in to resentfulness.

Age : 18


The evil master who lived since ancient era. No one knows where he came from but there are rumor that he is the evil who destroy ancient human civilization. No one can kill him because he can reverse time to cure his injure. He is immortal in human believe

Age : unknown.


A Brave and Warm merchance who always travel around the world. His perspective to this world is always believe in merit and hope. His family was killed then he has to live alone with his lovely sister,Carol, at Ridgroadge village. He sacrifices all his life to protect his sister.

Age : 24

Source: Corecell Technology PR

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