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An overview of Monster Hunter 4’s weapons

Posted on September 7, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Capcom has shared details on a slew of weapons that will be included in Monster Hunter 4. Details about all known weapons can be found below.


– From ancient times
– Can control insects
– The “hunting insects” suck up energy from monsters that can strengthen the user
– Light weapon
– Allows the player to be very mobile

Great Sword

– Huge sword
– Like the tusk from a monster killed by a hunter
– Slow weapon
– If it hits a monster, it’ll kill it
– Can be used to guard

Long Sword

– Made for fast and consecutive strikes
– “Spirit” is accumulated after each strike which allows players to use a a spirit slash

Sword and Shield

– Versatile weapon
– Can execute a whirlwind slash
– Fast and constant attacks with few breaks in between
– Can use items while unsheathing the sword

Twin Swords

– Dual Sword users wield two small swords in both hands that can rapidly strike enemies
– Demon transformation mode adds more power


– Best offensive power out of all weapons
– Hit a monster on its head to make it dizzy

Hunting Horn

– Play songs that change status effects
– Play a tune while attacking a monster so you can simultaneously be an attack and support character


– Has a gigantic shield and long lance
– Guard and counter-attack


– Powerful weapon
– Adds explosive shells to a solid lance
– There is a “full burst” attack that unloads all of the bullets in the weapon


– Lightweight and mobile gunner
– Can hit monsters from afar
– Bowgunners have different rounds of ammunition
– One type gives you rapid fire


– Agile weapon
– Target weak points from a variety of differences

Switch Axe

– Sword and an axe in one
– Switch to axe mode to do powerful strikes
– Sword mode used for speed


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