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Another batch of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit details – works with carpets, battery life, more

Posted on October 1, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

GameXplain has shared another batch of details for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. We have confirmation that the game works with most carpets, additional information about the battery life, and more.

Here’s the full roundup:

– Connect toy car to Switch by pointing the car’s camera at the QR code displayed on Switch
– Can take a photo of your face to put on your learner’s permit
– Works on most carpets and rugs
– In Time Trials, ghost and best times are only as good as you retain the track design
– Once you change up the track, they’re gone for good
– Local multiplayer supports 4 players, but everyone needs their own car and Switch
– No online play
– No pre-built designs in the game
– Have to use all four gates when creating a track
– 15ft x 15ft max size
– Tracks must form a complete loop
– Can drive out of bounds/off-road without penalty
– Just need to drive through the gates in order
– Can set up real life barriers/obstacles
– Different themes in Custom Mode, such as 8-bit theme with 8-bit Goombas
– Each of the four gates can be changed to a variety of different types
– These options include item boxes, boosts, magnets that pull you closer, P Switches, Piranha Plants, Amps, item spitting pipes, Chain Chomps, music notes, and Magikoopas
– Magikoopa instantly turns the track into a Mirror Mode version of itself
– Chain Chomp adds a Chain Chomp on your car that drags you around
– Can select where on the gate the hazards/objects appear
– Nintendo being quiet about ninth cup in Grand Prix
– 3 races for every cup
– Each race in Grand Prix is based on the track design you’ve set up
– This means you can race on the same track design, but you can switch it up between races
– Each one in Grand Prix has a different set of customization
– No speaker on the actual toy
– Other players will hear your horn from their Switch if you honk near them
– 200cc included
– 50cc, 100cc unlocked from the start
– Drifting limits your movement to the direction you initiated in until you lift the button
– 90 minutes of battery life at 150cc
– A bit less with 200cc
– Longer with 50cc and 100cc
– 3-3.5 hours for recharge
– Not much new music
– Main theme has a remix
– Begins with Mario entering the real world through a Warp Pipe
– He then taps the Switch screen and looks at you
– Docked/handheld play supported


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