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Astral Ascent update out now (version 1.2), patch notes

Posted on February 12, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Astral Ascent update 1.2

Astral Ascent just issued a new version 1.2 update.

There are a few notable things here, including 20 new Hero Spells and PvP Arena in local co-op mode. Other aspects include telescope offline working everywhere now, various small changes, and more.

The full rundown is as follows:

Major Features
  • PvP Mode: Added a option for players to fight each other in a duel during co-op runs. You can start a duel at Andromeda’s bar by interacting with the new Duel’s altar.
  • 20 new spells: 5 new spells per Hero
  • Telescope now works offline. We made this change to make the feature accessible for players in some areas that had issues connecting with the Telescope server. Telescope should also work now on console as well
Small Features
  • Cetus Cavern now has 4 categories instead of 3, the fourth one will always be the random one (Nebulous Choice)
  • Slimes will now change direction toward nearest available enemy when bouncing (if they have a line of sight to them)
  • Sparks now bounce multiple times even if no enemies around (make it stronger on bosses) + visual improvement
  • Effect descriptions can stack into different columns if too many elements are displayed while checking spells
  • Feathers on Pavo’s ruins will always be of a higher level after sacrificing health 3 times (globally)
  • Increased damage for some spells:
    • AYLA
      • Toxic bomb
      • Fatal dash
      • Misleading clone
      • Fisherman’s demise
    • KIRAN
      • Fiery dragon punch
      • Hadoken
    • OCTAVE
      • Miseria
      • Adustio
  • Added back 3 Stars per Shadow Clones
  • Sparks bounce one more time
  • Increased damage for Fire Shield
  • Slightly increased time delay between attacks for Aries / Cancer & Gemini
  • Removed or reduced invincibility on some attacks of Scorpio / Cancer / Libra / Aquarius when it was not necessary
Bug Fixes
  • You could get stuck in a ground of one of the exploration rooms
  • Calie’s Prismatic Beam could sometimes not hit enemies correctly if game FPS dropped
  • When being casted by player 2 some hits from the spell “”Slashing Squall”” would always use player 1 spell modificators
  • When being casted by player 2 the spell “”Quicksilver”” would spawn at player 1 position
  • When being casted by player 2 the spell “”Poisonous vortex”” would move facing player 1 direction
  • “”Start 30 escape attempts”” would unlock earlier than it should
  • It was possible to press input to equip an aura while the game was paused
  • The combo of the aura “”Prowess of the sky”” and “”Zimzim laugh”” echo would trigger pseudo infinite spawns of thunder strikes
  • The game could sometimes freeze while skipping Zodiacs cutscenes
  • Healing shards would not be collected if the spawn animation didn’t finish before a layout transition
  • Capricorn warn signs for their missile attacks would sometimes not disappear
  • Topaz Companion spell would not always hit every time if attacking fast 
  • Return to Characters in Papa Yalee was only making you go one rank higher
  • Lightning Dance spell could keep visual elements after being launched
  • Favored by the Earth bapy achievement would not work correctly
  • Bapy Summon Star Chest would not give stars in falling in the pit of Pavo’s ruins and Echo Island

The Astral Ascent version 1.2 update is available now on Switch.


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