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Back Again, hardcore 3D platformer, heading to Switch in August

Posted on July 5, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Back Again

The 3D platformer Back Again is landing on Switch in August, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Dexter Manning confirmed today. A specific date has not yet been provided.

Back Again is described as a hardcore platformer, so this won’t be an easy game to get through. The action is also set with a first-person perspective.

Here’s some additional information:

A surreal and punishing world of black, white and red awaits as you challenge the void of Back Again, a hardcore 3D platformer presented in immersive first-person perspective! In this void, your only means of escape is to cross floating platforms arranged in increasingly complex configurations. Obstacles move in patterns over and around them, forcing you to learn their movements to avoid getting knocked off a ledge or halted midair. Mannequins surround you, sometimes navigating the platforms themselves or simply observing. Perhaps they hold clues about the puzzles at hand, or perhaps they are just like you. Either way, they offer little comfort.

Back Again is an eerie tale with a minimalistic narrative and unsettling atmosphere intended to test your skills, question your psyche and reward your determination, all set to a unique and ever-changing soundtrack to suit the mood. See the story to its end, retrying each sequence as many times as it takes, and once you’ve built up enough confidence, choose Survival Mode to see if you can clear the entire game in a single attempt!

Key Features

  • Walk, run and jump across platforms in a harsh 3D puzzle-scape!
  • Navigate shifting obstacles by learning their patterns.
  • Witness creepy events and engage in a light narrative!
  • Get immersed with a unique ever-changing soundtrack.
  • Push your platforming skills to the limit in Survival Mode!

We have a trailer for Back Again below. 

Back Again will cost $2.99 / €2.99 on the Switch eShop.

Source: Eastasiasoft PR

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