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Eastasiasoft and Rainbyte have shared a new launch trailer for Trigger Witch, a stylized 2D twin-stick action game. Watch it below.

Trigger Witch is out now on the Switch eShop with Play-Asia’s physical version to follow later. More information is located here.

The top-down magical shooter Trigger Witch has received a gameplay feature of its first 25 minutes. This gameplay includes the opening of the game, some of its story events, and a ton of combat – so check out the full video below.

Trigger Witch releases on the Switch on July 29, 2021. 

Update 2 (7/15): Trigger Witch pre-orders are now open here.

Update (7/12): Pre-orders for the physical version of Trigger Witch open on July 15 through Play-Asia. The limited edition will have 2,000 copies available.

Original (7/7): Trigger Witch was previously confirmed for a release on Switch this month, but an exact date hadn’t been set. Eastasiasoft and Rainbite have now confirmed that the 2D twin-stick action game will launch on July 29 via the eShop, with a physical version to follow.

We have the following overview and trailer for Trigger Witch, courtesy of Eastasiasoft:

Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey, a 2.5D puzzle-platformer from Eastasiasoft and Proud Dinosaurs, is due out on Switch this week. Find some early footage in the video below.

Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey launches for Switch on July 15. You can check out some additional details and a trailer here.

Eastasiasoft, Ratalaika Games, Boncho Games have announced that Blitz Breaker will be appearing on Switch this week. The fast-paced action platformer is on track for July 7.

We have the following overview and trailer from Eastasiasoft:

Puzzle game Mina & Michi arrives on the Switch eShop June 30. Check out some gameplay footage with the video below.

Earlier this week, the tactical RPG Empire of Angels IV was added to the Switch eShop. For a look at some footage, check out the video below.

Empire of Angels IV can be purchased now as a Switch eShop download. Head on over here for further details.

Trigger Witch, which was previously confirmed for a summer launch, now has a more specific release window. Eastasiasoft and Rainbite have confirmed that the top-down action-adventure game will launch for Switch in July.

In case you missed it previously, check out the following overview and trailer:

Today, Eastasiasoft and lightUP announced the puzzle adventure game Mina & Michi for Switch. It will be available on June 30.

We have the following overview and trailer from Eastasiasoft:

Eastasiasoft and Softstar have set a release date for Empire of Angels IV, their new tactical RPG for Switch. It’ll be launching this month – specifically June 23.

Here’s a bunch of information about the game plus a trailer: