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Dead of Darkness

Dead of Darkness will be seeing release on Switch, publisher Eastasiasoft announced today in partnership with developer Retrofiction Games. The title will be out later in 2024.

Dead of Darkness is a 2D survival horror adventure game in which players control Miles Windham and Olivia Greene as they head to Velvet Island, the location of a mental hospital that entangles them in a series of dark secrets. Now that Eastasiasoft is on board, the game will be receiving professional voiceovers for 25 spoken roles.

Here’s some additional information about the game:

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 gameplay

Fans interested in Xuan Yuan Sword 7 can get a closer look at the new Switch version with gameplay. Almost an hour of footage shows off the port.

Everything you need to know about the title is included in the following overview:

Xuan Yuan Sword 7

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 received a final release date for Switch today. The title launches on May 30, 2024, Eastasiasoft has announced.

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 was first confirmed for Switch in September 2022. We most recently knew it was planned for this year, but now we have a proper date.

Söldner-X Complete Collection

Eastasiasoft today announced Söldner-X Complete Collection, a package of two shoot ’em up titles for Switch. A release is planned for Q4 2024.

Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer originally debuted at the end of 2007. The sequel followed in 2010.

Thunder Ray physical

Thunder Ray, which was already released digitally on Switch, is now getting the physical treatment.

Eastasiasoft is in charge of production for the boxed versions, which includes a standard copy and limited edition. The latter features the title on a cartridge, manual, soundtrack CD, and numbered certificate in a collector’s box.

Thunder Ray originally hit Switch on the eShop last September. Read more about it below.

Rainbow Moon release date

The Switch version of Rainbow Moon now has a release date. Today, publisher Eastasiasoft announced that it will be available on March 15, 2024.

On the same day, the Rainbow Moon + Rainbow Skies Strategy RPG Bundle is launching. This includes the upcoming title and the already-released Rainbow Skies.

Violet Wisteria

Publisher Eastasiasoft, in collaboration with developer Kanipro Games, today announced plans for a Switch version of Violet Wisteria. It’s scheduled for March 2024.

Violet Wisteria is a retro-styled action platformer with a unique tri-color attack system. Additional information is included in the following overview:

Hakuoki Chronicles of Wind and Blossom

In partnership with Idea Factory, Eastasiasoft today announced Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom for Switch. It will be available in 2024.

Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom includes a pair of remastered visual novels – specifically Edo Blossoms and Kyoto Winds. Both feature “revised text for the best possible experience”.

Here’s some additional information:

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 physical

Xuan Yuan Sword 7, which was announced for Switch last year, has now been confirmed for physical release on the platform.

Copies will be sold through Play-Asia. Alongside a standard version, a limited edition is planned. The latter includes the full experience on a 16GB Switch cartridge, manual, soundtrack CD, art book, and numbered certificate in a collector’s box.

Mugen Souls Z launch trailer

With Mugen Souls Z making the jump to Switch this week, a final launch trailer is now available. Fans can get another look at the turn-based tactical RPG.

For those that need a refresher on the game, read the following overview:

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