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BLAZE add MotionPlus Compatibility and a touch of Luxury to their Wii Sporting Accessories

Posted on October 16, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Fully Motion Plus compatible Luxury Wii Sports packs from BLAZE

Doncaster, UK – 14th October 2009

BLAZE have today revealed their all new luxury sports packs for Nintendo Wii sporting titles which incorporate Wii motion plus functionality.

As motion sensing technology evolves, so must the accessories that we use to enhance our games.

Many of the older style sports packs in the market today will now be rendered useless due to the gain in size of the Wii Mote with the Motion Plus adaptor attached.

The BLAZE 10 in 1 Luxury Sports Pack in not only fully compatible with this new technology but also adds a little luxury to our living room sporting activities, featuring a much more ‘solid’ feel and altogether better quality construction than the usual Wii Sports pack.

The new kit includes a high quality steering wheel with sports style grip which allows the perfect fit for your Wii-Mote whether your Motion Plus adaptor is attached or not due to its innovative 2-way controller chamber.

The kit also includes a baseball bat, tennis racket, and golf club. All of which are Motion Plus compatible and feature strong, durable construction to keep you hitting those home runs, forearm smashes and hole-in-ones well into your senior years!

Also included are the Wii Mote and Nunchuk silicon sports grips, Wii Mote crystal case and wrist straps adding to the safety factor.

The BLAZE Luxury Sports Kit is also available in a ‘twin’ version allowing head to head Wii Sports duels. Featuring the same high quality construction and Wii Motion Plus compatibility, thw Twin Luxury pack contains two steering wheels, two tennis rackets, two golf clubs along with wrist straps and silicon sports grips.

The BLAZE 10 in 1 Luxury Sports Pack and Luxury Twin Sports Pack are coming soon from and leading video game stores for £14.99 & £19.99 respectively.

For more information about the BLAZE Luxury Sports Packs, please visit the link below:

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