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Blue Fire “Balance of Justice Update” out now (version 5.0.5), patch notes

Posted on November 19, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Blue Fire update 5.0.5

Blue Fire’s latest patch is here, version 5.0.5 – which is known as the “Balance of Justice Update”. It includes new features, game improvements, enhancements, balancing, bug fixes and more.

Below are the full patch notes for the Blue Fire version 5.0.5 update:

  • New Alpha Umbra tunic
  • Controller mapping for PC and Consoles
  • Level design & intended path improvements
  • Difficulty improvements and balancing
  • Enemy and bosses position adjustments
  • New filters for Camera Mode
  • Environment art enhancement (polish and new props)
  • Light improvements
  • Post process enhancements
  • Vfx and material clean up & improvements
  • Fine mesh tuning in several areas
  • Sound improvements and additions to some enemies, vfx and areas
  • Reverb polish
  • Umbra voice adjustments & polish
  • Difficulty mode improvement and changes: Regular, Hard and Brutal
  • Added difficulty descriptions
  • Lasers can now be parried
  • Bosses hit react animation improvement
  • Ground Gru improvements
  • Game percentage fine tuning
  • Spin attack charge consistency [not lost with other interactions]
  • All cutscenes are skippable once the game is beaten
  • All pouch limits increased by one
  • All quests now update correctly
  • Golden lust spirit radius increased
  • Added an elevator in the graveyard
  • Several code tool fixes
  • File duplicate and renaming
  • New Blue Fire desktop icon
  • Discord Server link added to the main menu
  • Tons of bug fixes and general clean up for: audio, cameras, collision, localization, npc’s, safe points, item location, voids and more.

All players can access the new Blue Fire version 5.0.5 update now.


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