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Boom Blox Bash Party details

Posted on January 29, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

– Sequel was born almost immediately after the first Boom Blox was done with development – Producer Amir Rahimi: “There was so much enthusiasm and rolling into new ideas that I could hardly stop them from doing a sequel.”
– Bash Party is similar to the first game
– Wii exclusive
– Can share levels online
– Does not use friend codes – download + upload levels through EA’s servers
– Download, rate, remix, upload levels – “With the push of one button, you can send [a level you create] to EA and we will broadcast it to the world”
– Slingshot effect – Use Wiimote to grab object on screen, pull it back, let it go and it will fly
– Shooting “has taken a backseat in the sequel”
– Head-tracking not in Bash Party
– No MotionPlus support – dev team didn’t receive it in time to use it
– 400 new levels (none recycled from first game)
– New environments (space and underwater)
– New block shapes (cylinders and ramps)
– Integration of first game’s characters as blocks themselves
– No plans for a Boom Blox movie


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