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Boy killed over videogame quarrel

Posted on March 27, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

A young boy, Olivier Baptiste, was killed by a close friend, William Suarez, after Baptiste refused to give him a videogame. After Baptiste had visited Suarez’s apartment, holding a videogame in his hands, Suarez demanded that his “friend” hand the game over. Baptiste refused, and Suarez immediately revealed a gun and pointed it at Baptiste’s head. Oliver had actually told Suarez to “Stop it. It’s got a bullet in it.” Suarez pulled the trigger, but it did not fire. Suarez pulled the trigger a second time, however, and a bullet struck Oliver Baptiste in the left temple.

It’s always extremely sad to see events such as this. I feel terrible for everyone involved, and hopefully something like this will not happen again.


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