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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions system details

Posted on January 24, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Bandai Namco updated the Japanese website for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions with details on the game’s systems. It contains information about the different elements of matches.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu

Soccer Action

– Concept of “everyone can enjoy the super plays of Captain Tsubasa”
– Uses an action system where you can enjoy offense and defense through soccer super plays with simple controls
– Enjoy the unique actions of each character through the “spirit gauge” and “skills” set for each character, as well as their “super moves”

Spirit Gauge

– Every character has a spirit gauge
– This is consumed by dashing and activating various moves that act as special attacks
– How you effectively utilize this spirit will influence how the match develops


– By consuming a fixed amount of spirit, you can activate “moves,” or special attacks representative of the Captain Tsubasa series
– There are a wide variety of moves, from those directly linked to the goal such as shoot Moves, to dribbles and blocks
– How you effectively utilizes these moves to score, as well as to defend your goal, makes all the difference between victory and defeat


– The team’s shared gauge will accumulate as you successfully perform actions that raise the team’s morale, such as overtaking the opponent with a dribble or stealing the ball
– Build this gauge up to the maximum amount to activate “V-Zone”
– When V-Zone is activated, every team member’s spirit recovery speed and kick gauge accumulation speed is accelerated for a fixed period of time, so the timing of when you activate it and the actions you take during activation will be a major influence on how the match plays out
– If the team captain has a special skill called a “Captain Skill,” further special effects may be applied

Special Skill

– Each team member has a special skill that reproduces the unique character traits of Captain Tsubasa
– These skills affect each characters’ stats and spirit, and have various activation conditions ranging from point difference to field position
– Utilizing team members with skills in line with your own tactics is the key to victory


– Use “dash dribbles” and “dribble moves” to fake out your opponent and quickly overtake them
– By continuously overtaking your opponent, a buff effect called “Zone” will activate
– This makes it easier to build up your spirit gauge and shoot gauge, allowing you to more quickly strike with a powerful shoot move


– By building up the shoot gauge, which you can do by not getting tackled, you can unleash a powerful “shoot move”
– Depending on the character, you can build up two bars of the shoot gauge to unleash an even more powerful “super shoot move”


– Depending on the opponent’s dribble pattern, approach them by “dashing” and use “tackle moves” to steal the ball
– There are even some powerful tackles that keep the opponent down for a short period

Goal Keeper

– Goal keepers have an energy gauge system in order to reproduce the impenetrable force of the goalies that appear in Captain Tsubasa
– Shooting and reducing the gauge will make it easier to score a goal
– Some characters have a “super save” move that consumes the V-Zone Gauge and has a 100 percent chance of blocking a goal


– Depending on the character, they will automatically use a “block move” when the opponent uses a shoot move if they are in-between the shot and the goal
– When a block move is activated, it is possible to block the shot or lower the reduction of the goal keeper’s energy gauge

Aerial Shoot

– Some shots can only be activated in the air
– Others can only be activated by cooperation between two people
– You can aim for the goal in various forms based on a variety of situations

Pass & Long Pass

– Depending on the character, you can use “long pass moves” in addition standard passes by building up a gauge
– By building up the shoot gauge, the receiver can directly activate a shoot move during this move
– “Cooperative pass moves” activated between specific characters can also be used to overtake multiple opponents

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