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Chasm getting free Guilean Arcade Pack on Switch

Posted on October 29, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop


Bit Kid has announced the first free DLC for Chasm. Known as the Guilean Arcade Pack, the DLC “generates a new layout of the world on the fly” in Arcade Mode.

Here’s a bit of additional information:

Unlike the main mode, which generates a full world map when you start up your campaign, the new Arcade Mode generates a new layout of the world on the fly. Leave a room and come back, and it’ll be a completely new room. You have 8 minutes to explore each area of the world. If you don’t reach the next area or die along the way, your game is over.

The Arcade Mode is really three modes in one:
• Daily Challenge: Every day you get one shot to leave your mark on Guildean history. Stay alive, progress as far as you can, and rack up your kill count and reach the next area as quickly as possible for maximum points to earn your spot at the top of the daily leaderboard.
• Weekly Challenge: Same idea as the Daily Challenge, but you can take your time and get to know the map. Play through as many times as you like, finding the best shortcuts, loot, and power-ups along the way. Your highest score for the week will be recorded for posterity.
• Practice: No one’s keeping score but you, so just have fun in this mode. Use the randomly generated seed to explore a new dungeon just for you, or enter your own seed number to explore a dungeon you’re already familiar with.

Chasm’s Guildean Arcade Pack is currently only available on Steam. However, Bit Kid says it’s “working hard to bring it to all platforms as soon as we are able.”

Source: Bit Kid PR

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