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Disaster originally meant to be an “epic” game

Posted on October 1, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

So, here’s something interesting. Monolithsoft, the developers of Disaster: Day of Crisis, was originally approached by Nintendo back in early 2006 and was asked if the team could deliver an epic game in nine months, the time at which Wii would launch. Monolith accepted the task as is already known, but the team eventually hit a bump in the road. The overall feel emanating from the game was that it simply wasn’t fun, as a large majority of the game was based on walking up to people and saving people with the push of a button.

It was at this time, in October/November of 2006 that it was decided to put the game on hold. The content up to that point was canned in favor of a new schedule/budget. The current elements of Disaster were considered and the development on the title was restarted.

Other news worth noting
– Developers began working on Disaster again in early 2007, following Nintendo’s approval
– 2006 build had very little waggle functions and used the classic controller – developers delayed it into 2008 so that the game could be rethought and add in waggle
– Developers want to make a sequel, but that will only happen based on sale numbers. However, Monolith is mainly an RPG developer, so the producer will probably want to make an RPG game instead.

A pretty bumpy road for Disaster, no doubt. Although, Nintendo would never let a game that they had a role in onto the market unless the game had some quality. It’s just a shame that the game isn’t selling terribly well at this point.

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