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Disney Dreamlight Valley gets Dreamlight Parks Fest event

Posted on May 15, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight Parks Fest

Starting today, Disney Dreamlight Valley players can access a new Dreamlight Parks Fest event. It will be running until June 5.

The event features new activities in which players can earn exclusive event recipes and furniture that are themed after Disney Parks. A few of the Villagers will also provide recurring daily and weekly quests – specifically Scrooge McDuck, Ursula, WALL·E, Mickey Mouse, and Moana. If you complete their requests, you’ll earn Green Buttons. Three new achievements are also now accessible that provide a Disney Parks-inspired map.

Players will need to collect various buttons to craft new Popcorn Buckets. Additional Disney Parks-inspired furniture are also available at the Crafting Table.

The lineup of buttons is as follows:

  • Red Buttons: Found around or inside Villager houses.
  • Blue Buttons: Found randomly while fishing at white fishing spots on Dazzle Beach and in Peaceful Meadow ponds.
  • Green Buttons: Rewarded through daily and weekly event quests.
  • Flower Buttons: Found around the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.
  • Purple Buttons: Crafted with other Buttons.

Here’s a trailer for the new Dreamlight Parks Fest event in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Dreamlight Parks Fest


We’ll also mention that Disney Dreamlight Valley is running a new community challenge. We have those details below.

In addition to our in-game event, we’re issuing a challenge to all players to build their own parks – Dreamlight Parks! Rally with your fellow Valley Villagers to complete the following tasks:

– Monument Masters: Share an in-game photo on social media featuring The Partners Statue furniture item.
– Recycle Champions: Place Park Recycler items in-game. You can participate by placing multiple in your own Village!
– Collection Curators: Place Ice Cream Stands and/or Bretzel Stands from the “A Day at Disney” Star Path.
– Pastry Chefs: Cook new Dreamlight Parks Fest Cupcake recipes.
– Attraction Enthusiasts: This one’s easy – interact with and ride an Attraction in-game!

News content Disney Dreamlight Valley

Rewards will be unlocked for everyone once a task’s requirement is met by the combined efforts of all players. See below for more information on what actions or items are eligible for each task!

Monument Masters500 images shared on social media.Photos must be taken in-game and feature The Partners Statue furniture item.
Recycle Champions350k items placedParks Recycler
Collection Curators400k items placedIce Cream Stand, Bretzel Stand
Pastry Chefs450k food cookedPrincess Aurora Raspberry Cupcake, Stitch Cupcake, Minnie Cupcake, Spaceship Earth Cupcake, Mermaid Cupcake
Attraction Enthusiasts600k attractions riddenDumbo the Flying Elephant, Pixar Pal-A-Round, Mad Tea Party, Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin, Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind, Alien Swirling Saucers, Magic Carpet Attraction, Monsters, Inc. Attraction

Keep in mind multiples of eligible items, rides, Cupcakes cooked, and image shared all count towards their respective requirements! For a head start on your Dreamlight Park and the Recycle Champions goal, claim a free Park Recycling Bin, Park Bench, and Park Lamppost Banner using code PARKSFEST24.


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