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Don’t Starve Together update out now on Switch, patch notes

Posted on August 13, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Don't Starve Together Switch update

A massive update has just been released for Don’t Starve Together on Switch.

All content patches on PC up to the WX-78 rework are included. Switch players now have access to Waterlogged, Hallowed Nights, Year of the Catcoon, The Eye for an Eye crossover with Terraria, The Wolfgang and WX-78 character refreshes, Wanda, the crafting menu rework, some seasonal events, and a ton of new skins. More minor performance tweaks have been implemented as well.

The full patch notes for the new Don’t Starve Together update on Switch are as follows:


Added the Waterlogged ocean biome

  • Great Tree Trunk
  • Knobbly Trees
  • Fig, with new recipes
  • Grass Gator
  • Sea Strider

Boat Changes:

  • All boats will now eventually come to a stop, regardless of whether it has an anchor or not.
  • Doubled the top speed of boats.
  • Increased the turning speed for boats.
  • Greatly improved the performance on worlds with lots of boats.
  • Boats will now properly collide with all objects while offscreen.
  • When logging back in, players will now respawn on the boat they logged off on, regardless of whether it has moved since they logged off.
  • Each oar has a different top speed for rowing.

Wanda Update

Here are her details

  • Wanda is a skilled clockmaker who will stop at nothing to outrun her future
  • Wanda’s timeline is broken, causing her to age faster than the other survivors
  • Wanda’s health meter has been replaced by an age meter
  • In Wanda’s old age, she learns how to utilize shadow magic more effectively, and relies on it to make up for her declining strength
  • Wanda can craft pocket watches to:
    • Restore her youth
    • Manipulate her space in time
    • Return fallen survivors to their point in time before death
    • Rip holes through space and time
    • Harness shadow magic to defend herself

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a save/load issue where items sent through a wormhole could get removed from the world.
  • Fixed a rare caves world generation crash.

Hallowed Nights + QOL 2021

Quality of Life Update!

  • Server admins and local hosts can now pause the game.
  • Chat now has a history of the last 100 messages and persists between the character select screen, forest, and caves.
  • Added profanity filtering. This can be disablled in the options menu or configured in your Steam Community Content Preferences. 
  • All creatures can now be affected by buffs
  • The Bee Queen Crown, Bone Armor, Bone Helm, Shadow Thurible, and Spiderhat can now be deconstructed.
  • Growth Formula Starter and Composting Bin now require an Alchemy Engine to prototype.
  • Reduced the ingredients for crafting the Premier Gardeneer Hat and Moon Rock Walls
  • Improved the Pick/Axe’s durability and damage.
  • Moongleams and Infused Moon Shards now take longer to spoil.
  • Mouse and Keyboard actions can now be unbound in the controls option menu.

Bug Fix Highlights!

  • Fixed a bug causing mods between the server and client to desync when starting a server with a poor connection to steam.
  • Fixed a bug where Wigfrid would gain inspiration twice when using ranged attacks
  • Wigfrid now properly calculates inspiration based on the actual damage done. This means buffs, debuffs, and electric damage now affect her inspiration gain. The target’s buffs and protective states, like a hiding Slurtle, will also affect her inspiration gain. Note: The inspiration gain rate has been adjusted to account for her natural +25% damage multiplier.
  • Fixed a save/load issue with the Fire Staff and Ice Staff projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug where the Winged Sail would not save/load its state when built on land.
  • Fixed a bug where spiderdens on boats could grow again if you removed den decorations from them.
  • Fixed the character stuttering while hopping on or off a boat while lag compensation is enabled.
  • Fixed a movement speed bug when amphibious creatures are in the water and fail to jump onto a boat.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the wardrobe to reskin your character to other characters skins.
  • Slow-Down Rounds now work on phase 2 of the Celestial Champion.
  • Fixed a bug causing retargeting (while holding F) to not take into account whether the creature is dead.
  • Fixed a crash when dying from the Celestial Altar by hammering it during a moonstorm..
  • Fixed a bug causing Skitter Squids to go invisible when thawing out from being frozen in the water.

Terraria crossover – Eye for an Eye


  • Added the Terrarium, which can be found hidden somewhere in the world.
  • Added the Eye of Terror, which can be defeated to obtain Milky Whites and the Eye Mask.
  • Added the Twins of Terror, which can be defeated to obtain the Shield of Terror.
  • Added new boss statues.
  • Added the Suspicious Peeper and the Friendly Peeper.
  • Added two new Crock Pot recipes, Frozen Banana Daiquiri and Bunny Stew.
  • Added Terraria-themed World Settings and World Generation presets for the Forest and the Caves.
  • Added Terraria-themed skins.

Additional Change:

  • We also increased the resolution for several older items in the game.

Wolfgang revamp & Winter’s Feast

Here are the details:

  • Instead of being directly connected to his hunger, Wolfgang’s forms are now controlled by a new Might Meter.
    • Filling the Might Meter requires Wolfgang to work out using one of his new craftable items
    • The meter goes down over time and the draining rate is determined by Wolfgang’s Hunger, the hungrier he is, the faster it goes down
  • Wolfgang’s linear values are now constants
  • Wolfgang freezes and overheats faster when in Wimpy form, but slower while Mighty
  • When Mighty Wolfgang can carry heavy items faster. He does not lose Might while carrying heavy objects
  • Mighty Wolfgang works faster when chopping wood, mining or hammering things
  • Wolfgang is a more efficient rower when Mighty
  • His speed no longer changes with his forms
  • Wolfgang’s hunger and health are now at a maximum of 200 regardless of his form
  • Wolfgang sanity rate changes depending on the number of friends and enemies in his company
  • Deals more damage when Mighty and less when Wimpy. Also takes extra damage in Wimpy form
  • Wolfgang can build a Gym Station structure
    • Player will need to use the gym to gain mightiness
    • Players can load the gym with different heavy items to change its effectiveness
    • Consumes hunger as players work out
  • Wolfgang can craft a consumable Dumbbell item to restore his Might on the go. It does not consume hunger and can be used as a weapon

Year of the Catcoon

Year of the Catcoon:

  • Catcoon hairballs will include a Red Pouch for the duration of the event.
  • 8 Kitcoons are hidden around the world.
  • Build the Catcoon Shrine and place any feather on it to gain access to the event craftables.
  • Build a Kitcoon Nursery to provide a home for your found Kitcoons.
  • Place 3 or more Kitcoons back to a Nursery to enable playing Hide-and-Seek with the Kitcoons to earn more Red Pouches.
  • Having trouble finding Kitcoons? Hire a Ticoon at the Catcoon Shrine to help track them down.
  • Hollow Stumps will be retrofitted into worlds that have lost them all.

Changes Summary:

  • Added support for mouse buttons 4 and 5
  • Catcoons will now play with Cawnival decorations
  • Catcoons will now hold on to items they pick up (previously the items were deleted). 
  • Catcoons will now place items they collect in their Hollow Stump.
  • Survivors can now rummage through Hollow Stumps.
  • Hollow Stumps will respawn over time if they have been destroyed.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Gym will no longer disappear when Wolfgang despawns while using it.
  • Fixed a crash when mods delete Wanda’s Backstep Watch position markers.
  • Fixed a netbook mode issue when a server has a modified tick rate.

March QOL Update

Crafting Menu Features

  • Redesigned the Crafting UI
  • Moved from items being in a specific tab to a filter approach, which allows players to easily find the items they are looking for.
  • Recipes can be added to a favorites
  • Recipes can be pinned to the side of the screen for quick crafting
  • Use the text search to find items by their localized name.
  • The size of the crafting menu can be scaled separately from the rest of the HUD.
  • Players who use controllers can:
  • Move and rotate the camera while the crafting menu is open
  • Use the right analog stick to navigate through the pinned recipes and craft them without opening the crafting menu

Wolfgang Changes

  • Wolfgang now gains a small amount of mightiness while performing physical activity, such as chopping and mining.
  • Improved the efficiency, durability and ingredient cost for all dumbbells.
  • Running with dumbbells equipped pauses the mightiness drain.
  • Increased the top rowing speed when Wolfgang is Mighty

Other Changes

  • The Ancient Guardian fight has been redesigned.
  • Items within a treasure chest can now be used when crafting.
  • Hound wave frequency has been reduced and Varglets will appear after the first year.
  • Fire and Ice hounds can now be adjusted in the world settings
  • Adjusted the crafting recipes for a number of items
  • Terra Firma Tamper and Tackle Receptacle now allow you to prototype the recipe, so you will not have to stand beside one every time you wish to craft their items.
  • And more!

WX Refresh


After the wiring to their long-unused empathy module is repaired, WX-78 finds themselves suddenly reconnecting with memories they’d hoped to keep buried.

WX-78 Changes

  • WX-78 can create circuits that can be installed to unlock special abilities.
  • WX-78 can unplug their circuits by utilizing a Circuit Extractor. Unfortunately, this means losing any charge that the circuits were taking up!
  • WX-78 learns how to construct circuits by scanning organics with their Bio Scanalyzer.
  • The Bio Scanalyzer also produces Bio Data, which is used to create circuits, alongside material from the scanned organic.
  • WX-78’s circuits are powered by their electrical charge meter. The meter restores itself over time, and can also be restored by other means.
  • If WX-78 gets too wet, they begin losing electricity. If they run out of electricity, they begin to lose health.
  • WX-78 also loses electricity when they are starving, as they no longer have the energy to maintain their charge level.
  • WX-78 can eat gears to regain health, sanity, and hunger. If WX-78 dies, they will drop some of the gears that they have eaten.
  • Clockworks are less aggressive towards WX-78.

Klei is also providing a special bonus to all Don’t Starve Together Switch players for their patience in the form of nine mystery boxes from the various events that took place during these updates, which ultimately provide many new skins. The items are a randomized selection of Curios and include The Moth-Eaten Chest, Winter’s Feast Chest, Pugna’s War Chest, The Gnaw’s Chest, Classic Curio Chest. Spring Chest. Empty Chest, Trick or Treat Chest and the Terrarized Chest. Log in and collect them by October 15, 2022.

Finally, Klei says that it’ll “take us some more time to get us closer to parity with the other platforms but we’re working our best to get there.” Right now the studio is targeting between October and early November for the next big update, though that isn’t final.

All Don’t Starve Together players on Switch can download the new update now.


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